U-500 and Medicare B costs

I'm still waiting for my training and searching for answers: I'm on U-500 because I was getting bad site inflammation, soreness, redness, swelling from using Humalog and either Lantus or Levimer. U-500 allows for less VOLUME and have had no such problems. BIG problem is that the cost per 20ml vial has gone from $300 to $700 per and with a Part B 20-80 cost, I can't afford $140 a month. I saw postings where it shows that U-500 is 5x the concentration of Novalog, Humalog, Apridra, U-100. If I calculate that taking 25 units of U-500 per day x5 = 125units of the less expensive vials, and since the pod holds 200 units, my pod would have to change almost everyday. I pay my Medicare share of $60 per pac of 10, I'd need 2-3 pacs per month and I don't think Medicare would approve the extra pods and it would cost $180 per month, plus insulin costs if they did. If I stay on MDI and vials I can afford my care, so I may be shot down before I start. We have enough income NOT to get any assistance. :( Hobson's choice is mine: pay for U-500 at $140 per month, plus normal pods changes, or pay/get approval for more pods at what cost? 'Tis a puzzlement?? My A1c is 8.1 with NO complications after 14 years as T2. If I stay on MDI and Part D: I still end up paying 50% of that magic $700 for several months. Is it really a 5x calculation using U-100 vs u-500? HELP