"Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva..."

New Year, New Life…

I am glad to be finally back! :)

Today I am writing from our new house in Palo Alto, as you may know we moved from
Orlando during the holiday, and still re-organizing everything in my
house and life. One thing I know, a range of new opportunities are open
for me right now (I just need to know what and where they are, ha)…
it is very exiting and scary I guess… however, yesterday we got our
stuff from the moving truck and I have a kitchen with plates, pots, etc
again!!!I (important things in life, he, he)

So, this year hopefully will be for us like the Venezuelan song: “Año
nuevo, vida nueva, mas alegres los dias seran…” (new year, new life,
more joyful days will come) or something like that.