Happy New Year

Y buen ano neuvo de Guatemala!

We aren't going out for drinks together tonight, I didn't exchange Christmas presents with you. We live in different states or countries. We may have little in common other than D (or maybe we do!). But you are ALL my support, my go-to's during D crises or just need for informations, my "I understand how you feels". You are all my family!

I wish each of you good health, good D control and most of all happiness and love in 2015!

Happy New Year to you, Zoe! I remember watching the ball drop in Manhattan in 1960; it was cold! I'm pleased to be warm at home with my husband (and dogs), where we'll drink to 2015 and eat smoked salmon, a Christmas present from our daughter. And yes, TuD is my extended family, also--Happy New Year to all of you!

I wish you the best, Zoe, in the new year! And to all who resonate with this helping community.

Thank you Zoe. Well-said! Happy New Year to you as well.

Wishing you the same - a happy & healthy new year!

Thank you, Zoe! Happy New Year to you and yours, and everyone else everywhere :)