Another bad article about Diabetes. There is so many articles out there misinforming the general public

Article talks about how type 2 can be reversed. Another article giving out false information. Then they generalize that you can only get type 1 as kid and leaves out all the people who are get it after childhood.

That is absurd. He didn’t reverse it, he’s controlling it. I have posted in Lil Mama’s thread about the perils of relying exclusively on exercise. Particularly in that guy’s cohort, he’s big and middle aged and running. As a big, middle-aged runner myself, I am acutely aware of the perils therein and also that if I wipe out (twice so far this winter, one spectacular butt plant on ice and one rolled ankle on grass, in a spot I knew there was a hazard but did I slow down and walk through it? noooooo, but it put me on the DL for a week…), my BG will probably run off the rails. If Mr. Cured, OTOH, sprains his ankle, maybe he will be clever enough to eat less, but if he’s already @ 30G of carbs/ day, there’s not a lot of room to move. Similarly, people with diabetes of either flavor, likely have slower recovery so his sprain/strain will perhaps keep him on the DL longer? I had some training at falling (martial arts, we practiced first and then tossed each other around…) and caught myself so I managed to collapse collapsed the rolled ankle into a shoulder roll onto my back so I didn’t totally crush it but I might not be so lucky next time?

His form looks ok for safety as it doesn’t look like he’s taking big steps but still, if he goes down, I am not confident that someone who is dumb enough to think they are “cured” will immediately go out and get a BG meter to see what a break does to their BG. That’s how people can get into trouble. All of the steps he’s taking are great but he’s not likely cured, more likely postponed but I think that misconstruing that type of situation is a recipe for problems?

I wish they would just say he is controlling it not reversing it. This misinformation is not helping anyone. I do short runs because i like you have hurt myself running. Infact i really should not be running after a total of ten stress fractures in me feet. It really does take us longer to heal.

Too bad their spreading misinformation around. Im sure he is not testing anymore because he has supposedly reversed it.