Guest Comentray for our newspaper Op-Ed page

I've written a Guest Commentary for the November Diabetes Month coverage (I'm hoping there is some). I'd like your input. I tried for just the facts, and hope to dispel some of the myths that are "out there" I'm attaching my essay.

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It read sort of "heavy" to me, maybe the best part to me is the suggestion to drop the suggestion to forget about curing diabetes although that's at the end because you have to do all the explaining what you're talking about first. Thanks for getting our stories out!!

I was glad to do it - got a lot off my chest. I mentioned the no cure stuff because we have all seen those ads ... and then there are those friends and family that insist if we just , oh I don't know ate raw garlic we wouldn't have D anymore. I wanted to say "get off our (co0lective) backs"

Another reply, maybe I should add that type 1 doesn't mean a person is frail or incapable, and list people like Gary Hall Olympic Gold Medalist and others. What do you think? I wanted facts - not myths - and no whining.
Thanks AcidRock

Thanks for doing this, this message needs to be in the media more often!

I liked the T2 's not your fault section, concise and well written. I think the LADAs would like some mention that adult onset T1 can happen slowly.

Maybe the best way to stay ahead of T1 is to throw yourself into things? Hobbies, whether partying and rock bands or running around my neighborhood (ok, listening to the same bands...hee hee...), have both helped me say "well, geez, diabetes is here but I have all that other stuff to do..." A lot of the kids I know are really active too, which I think is the best way to take it on, by putting it in the background while you do something fun, *cough cough* bigbluetest *cough cough*


I really enjoyed your comments, I thought you were concise and on point. Thank you for writing about a topic that needs more attention.


I'll add a statement about LADA. THanks

Thank Rick, your comment means a lot to me. I don't write well nor easily ...and writing well is especially difficult for me.

I am writing it for the Portland Oregon Oregonian. I'll post if I see it. It will most likely be on a Sunday.

Is it really true that "the majority of newly diagnosed cases of type 1 are formerly very healthy and fit adults"?

I thought, that most T1Ds are adults (in part because we have better treatment options for T1D kids to make it to adulthood).

Also, I would be willing to provide some light editing/proofreading for you.

Yeah, f newly Dx'd people, adults are the majority ( although it is great that people Dx'd as children are getting to become adults). I got this from Melitta's research.

I will be editing and proofing this morning. The piece was written late at night, and I think faster than my fingers go, so I've learned to proof the next day. Kinda like the example "Let's Eat Granma" vs "Let's Eat, Grandma")
It was important for me to get that bit about adults in because too many adults are still mis-dx'd with type 2 because only the age criteria is used, even though they present with classic type 1 symptoms. I was. And the type 2 treatment didn't work and I was properly Dx'd with type 1 after being found my a neighbor in DKA coma. Don't want that to happen to anyone else.
The point was to get rid of the blame game, and to encourage people - especially people with type 2 - to check their family tree. At least with my rapid onset type 1 the symptoms were so huge, I got medical attention - although they were wrong at first. From what I've seen type 2 is sneakier.

Well, it is done. Thanks for the input. Having opinions of people here means a lot - you all know what you're talking about (oops, ended a sentence with a preposition) I did add a sentence about the sub category of LADA, and added a closing remark about thriving with diabetes with good management (dropped some names like Gary Hall, Chris Dudley).

My purpose was to educate the public - and the newspaper editors - that diabetes is not a self-induced condition, and what to look for. I hope that some will shake their family tree and take action if the type 2 apples show up.

I'll let people know if it gets printed. I am expecting on a Sunday - there is a whole Op Ed section, and of course this Sunday (Nov 2) will be devoted to the election. I am hoping for Nov 9.

Oh, am I too late to add a comment? Just to say Gestational Diabetes can be a precursor to T1 as well as T2, I have 1 friend to prove it & know of others. Otherwise it is great, I look forward to reading it soon.

I just emailed it. I plan on becoming a "regular" maybe their go-to persn on diabetes issues. Next year's will be focused on the requriements of living with diabetes. I will strive to make it appear do-able, yet not easy.


Did you decide to come to the Expo?

Only correction of substance is that when you take away the number of adults who were misdiagnosed as Type 2, but are in fact Type 1, the proportions are more like 25/75, not 10/90 as previously believed.

Thanks oe. I'll refer to this posting when I do the next commentary. I have already sent it to the Oregonian.

Just wanted to share my disappointing news that my guest commentary wasn't published. Even more disheartening, there was absolutely no coverage re: diabetes in the Oregonian (our region's largest newspaper) during the entire month of November. Well, I won't let it just die there. I still think it is important - for health and safety reasons - that the general public get the correct info about diabetes - of all types, and how it is diagnosed and how people get it. Good thing I get a kick out of banging my head against brick walls.

Good for you, artwoman! Diabetes, unfortunately, is not going anywhere. Your persistence will pay off. Keep it up!

Sorry it was not published, artwoman.