Another example of marketing nonsense

Look at the text in red on the left side, regarding the lies about CGM and testing. The only item (of the 6 listed) I can slightly agree with is “Not discreet”. The worst one IMO is “stigmatizing”. Second worse is “painful”, followed by “costly”. Even folks on Medicare receive Dexcom supplies for free, with a supplemental plan. It’s not like the K’watch is going to be free, or did I miss something? I think not.

I know nothing else about this company but after reading that, I’ve zero respect for them and zero interest in a newer take on the failed GlucoWatch.

Seeing is believing. Looks like their launch in the US is at least 1 year away. Lots can happen between now and then with their company, product and newly competing other gadgets. I will reserve judgement until product is available and have an opportunity to test. In the meantime since they are not asking me to invest in their product there is no risk due to no cost and always a small chance that they will have the next best CGM product available.

Exactly. Marketing claims are a dime a dozen and with them starting off with their false claims, and the method of bg reading looking a lot like the Glucowatch, I’m not going to put a red circle on my calendar for the release date.

" which avoids skin irritation in most people."

Notice the inclusion of the word “most”. Again, the Glucowatch not only failed to read glucose levels accurate, it irritated the skin, big time.

When you have to attack the current tech - wearing cgm that others may see or finger sticking in public you have a marketing problem. I would recommend they go to the playground and find a 5 year old to help.

I made a comment on their FB PAGE - but it has bad words in it

I’ll have to check it out (the FB comment) if i can find it. :slight_smile:

couldn’t find it.

About the second page - you have to click on the comments - there are 5 now

Leeho Laaho - my id

I could have done better, but why bother

I fixed it for them.


ah, found it. thanks! LOL! I must agree the negatives they list for CGM’s and meters is mostly lies. I’ll never get back any time I devote to reading anything else they put out to gin up interest in their product.

I’d love to hear how they define “affordable”. Affordable for who, exactly? Does that mean that they base the price for each person based on net worth, income-to-debt-ratio, pre-tax income?

I would leave my comments, but I feel too stigmatized by my CGM to reply right now.

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People go around with nose rings and tattoos from hell - why would anyone care about a cgm - beyond me

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LOL!!! yeah, I am so self-conscious about the slight bulge under my shirt, or the little receiver I wear (which I COULD do w/o as I have a CGM app on my phone and watch also) /s

don’t forget underwear showing, but I think that fad has faded, hasn’t it?

The promo indicates u have to press a button to get a glucose reading , so I suppose it isn’t a CGM in the true sense of the term. Im saying that because of the short video they showed on FB. I could be wrong, but in a few seconds, the video shows to get a reading, you “press a button”.

The worst part about is now I have to channel some of my hate for Medtronic to this outfit

Pretty soon I won’t have enuf hate to go around

woe is me

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Don’t get me started on Medtronic, Tony! :slight_smile: They could have had me for life if they didn’t let their pump division rest on it’s laurels for about the last 15 years, and had produced a far better sensor, from it’s first iteration. I have nothing good to say about it’s first, and second versions. I have seen the 670 and have no intention of upgrading. That means by default, I’ll pick the X2–I’d rather that there was stiffer competition right now, in the pump space.

OMG - You guys are killing me…

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