CES 2013 - Dexcom G5 on smartphone

Here's a video of the Gen 5 demo'd by Terry Gregg, working on a smartphone.
The first part is about Gen4. Skip to time 4:15 to see Gen5.


Thanks for posting this. I wonder how long it will take the FDA to approve.

He didn't actually do anything with the phone though, so there's a chance that it's just an image and not a working system yet. I wouldn't be surprised if a CEO did that to help the brand. As for FDA approval, expect it to come out "really soon" aka 2020. :/

Oh Crap! I saw that too! It looks like an android phone! I think it is real. They are wiping android phones, ( FDA requirement for med device) and putting just their software on it. Now whether this is an actual device that will go on market is ??? they have also said their next device will be combo with pods, so??? I did talk to artificial pancreas researchers at UVA and they are seeing this same data withisimiliar user interface on an android phone in their research, and they are doing studies for AP for age 12 and up. The extra feature is a " green light" for the device to be functioning and working. Cool stuff!!

It is an android phone

I agree that the demo might have been faked. He claimed that eating oatmeal had caused an up arrow an hour previously when clearly it had been quite flat and had not gone over 150 in the previous 3 hours.

he isnt diabetic so you wouldnt see much of a peak

here is screen shot
IM surprised that he was legally able to show that - if its not real thats even MORE of a problem both for th FDA and the SEC
I bet its real
I also bet we dont see it on a working phone for over a year

Yes, he's not diabetic so you wouldn't see a peak. Why did he claim he had an up arrow an hour earlier?

Why would it have to be wiped? That kind of defeats the purpose, otherwise people would need be carrying around two smartphones if they want to use one as a phone.

non diabetic wil still see a slight increase - which is shown on the graph - and when the BG is going up the arrow would show UP as he said

Haha, yes he is definitely not a diabetic!! Our endo is not diabetic , but he is always wearing some kind of cgm when we see him, interesting to see curve of non d

That is mandated by FDA, has to do with it being a medical device…

And that is fine for the testing phase BUT they need to find a way to allow it to be added as an APP on working phones. Its not as if the app is making changes to insulin delivery. Its just a display.

My Endo doesn't seem to think this would ever happen. He says phone companies do not want the responsibility of something medical like this.

Will be interesting to see what happens with this in the future, either way!

Fear of liability is crazy. The fault would be on the user, or possibly Dexcom if there was a real problem with their system, but in theory this crazy long FDA approval process is to ensure that that can't happen. The phone can malfunction too, but isn't going to give you wrong numbers. It could only not accept a signal or not be able to run the program, which would not be a major medical catastrophe especially since Dexcom and other CGMs make it clear that you still need to rely on blood sugar readings and not CGM alone.

Thats the part I dont get - why does the FDA care at this point ?As far as they are concerned this is used for trends ONLY and no treatment is EVER to be done based on its results.
the numbers cloud be displayed on an etch a sketch .... with the current rules there is no liability

It is an Android phone, because Android lets you decide if you want to install apps from 'Unknown Sources', like Amazon Appstore, or the app developers website, etc. You can also install apps from the SD Card. Apple only allows app instalation only from their approved list. It doesn't look like they wiped the phone, the signal strength, battery level and clock are still on the screen, and they are from Android, not the app. It is just a demo on a non-diabetic, therefore FDA approval is currently not required yet, probably not even submitted to them yet.

Maybe the FDA needs to be educated on todays modern consumer devices, that are perfectly fine to display information

If it's going to be displaying medically-actionable information it needs to be completely reliable.

That means no installing other apps that can make the phone unstable and interfere with the reliability of the DexCom app. Unfortunately, with the android being so easily customized by anybody and their monkey's uncle, that means locking it down to prevent that.

Maybe it could retain default phone function though. *fingers crossed*

You are missing the idea that according to the FDA the dexcom is NOT medically actionable ... Period
You are not supposed to act on ANY number except finger sticks