Anthem/Blue Shield won't replace my out-of-warranty pump

Is this a standard practice? It was always my (mistaken?) understanding that my insurance company would replace my pump when it was no longer in-warranty. I have just been informed otherwise - until it actually breaks I’m out of luck. I kinda wanted a new pump and to keep my old (working) pump as a backup for emergencies but that plan has been shot down.

Now, when I spoke to Animas about this issue they assured me they’d send me a loaner pump when mine broke (I traded in my Cozmo for a Ping) while the paperwork was submitted for a new pump, so I guess I feel better about things. And I’m glad I traded in my Cozmo 'cause I’d be up sh*t creek if I hadn’t now.

Has anybody else gotten this same attitude from their insurance company?

Okay, as long as I’m not the only one, thanks!

Medtronic was very good about “coaching me” through this process:

eg…asking questions like “Is the display so scratched it’s hard to read?” “Are the buttons as responsive as they should be?”

It’s a very strange process, but you must give answers that indicate it’s running on fumes.