Anxiety attack diabetes... yes/no?

Yesterday, a tooth got pulled. Series of events/mistakes. Ouch.

Got home and waiting for all the different drugs to "kick-in". Sugar was a bit high, but coming down gently.

Yet once home, I was rapidly literally not able to stop moving. Pacing back and forth up and down the hall, rubbing my hands through my hair, swinging my arms, going into the bathroom...

I was entirely AWARE I was doing all of them, yet I was simply not able to stop myself! A pain induced migraine was coming; light sensitivity grew pretty bad, pain induced nausea growing faster still. Read about them, knew what it was, just never had the experience personally before. Nasty stuff.

Laid in the dark, on the bedroom floor and tried some gentle easy breathing exercises, a couple simple, gentle postures, but literally could not regain any control over my body moving for more than a few seconds. Couldn't maintain that brief control to my shock.

Sugar was stunningly good considering. Pulse and breathing were definitely up there but no small hand tremors, no hyper-ventilation, no pupil change... no clear symptoms it was adrenaline causing the problem, (which I was familiar with and could identify anyway). Just big body moments I was unable to cease.

Pain sweat drenched through my shirt and the sheets. Eventually the dog laid on my arm holding me down, the cat laid across my chest purring loudly. Both very gentle, would not cease.

After probably two hours the drugs (?) finally worked and knocked me out for fifteen minutes. The rest of the night was bearable, no repeat of the episode so far.

Anybody have that experience being incapable to stop yourself from moving before... that a "panic attack" perhaps or a different something else you think? Diabetes related or this plus just happen to be diabetic too?? Thoughts

Found this link that mentions hyperactivity prior to migraine, perhaps that’s what happened?

Also, depending on how much novocain you got, could have been a reaction to all the epinephrine that's in the novocain.

It doesn't seem like it is related to diabetes. I have ADHD and I definitely have days like that, but I've always been like that.

I dunno, if you have surgery and they give you a bunch of drugs, and your BG is ok, I'd blame some combo of anesthetic and drugs.

Do you have any Allman Brothers?

Ask President Carter, the relevant part starts with about 2:44 left!

I used to have feelings of lows (including full-body tremors and panicky feelings) when having dental work done, despite #s being good. Now I just automatically ask the dentist for a low-epinepherine shot.

Sounds totally like a reaction to the epi, for you. Headache is a side effect of that drug.
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I always ask to have a local without the epinephrine. I figured why do I want something that makes me anxious when I'm already anxious. I started doing that long before I got diagnosed with arrhythmia (mainly rapid heart beat); now I just say I have an arrhythmia. Makes the whole dental experience less anxiety producing. Sounds like an awful experience. I would be interested in knowing if it was an epinephrine reaction. I had the dentist put "no epinephrine" on my chart.

Sorry you had that horrible reaction- at least your bg was good. I didn't know novacaine had epinephrine in it.. I've never had that reaction. I don't think I've had dental work done since being on insulin but I will ask them to give me no epinephrine next time I need anything done just in case. I have never had the reaction of not being able to stop motions/moving. I do get neurological symptoms with my migraines.

Here's a link:

LOL, AR. I didn't let them give me anything when I had my molars removed because it cost so much more. If I had to do it over again, I would take the acid and pay them whatever they asked.

Buspirone is a low dose anti anxiety medication that I take 2xs a day. It has helped me tremendously. I started with bipolar adding anxiety to the list with a bad marriage that I finally divorced his as s. Then i got diabetes from ability and it is also hereditary as nd got it a t the age of 57.