Any body here live in Edmonton Alberta? I need help with PUF funding

Payton is going to Kindergarten next year and I am looking for someone in Edmonton that got funding in PUF or GRIT or something like that. Currently I sit outside his play school room because PUF doesn't deem play school "necessary".

He is going to a public school next year.

How did you inform/educate the school about Diabetes and that they need to apply for PUF funding?

I live in Edmonton, but don’t have alot of information for you on PUF funding. Have you talked to the school or the PUF worker to see what they recommend? My youngest was involved with PUF but for other reasons than diabetes. My daughter that is diabetic is now in grade 12 and we didn’t get any help when she was in elementary school and what help we are getting now is because we argued for it. You can try talking to the social worker at the hospital. I assume you are being seen at Stollery? The worker we had there was amazing to help us find help. If you need someone to try and run things by, you can add me on Facebook if you would like.

Hi there,

I live in St Albert, close enough I guess to Edmonton. PUF funding. Not sure exactly how it goes, but our younger daughter in KD recieves PUF and it required the school and us to meet at the beginning of the year to assertively request extra help in the classroom. Then they need a physicians note, and they forward the documentation to the board and get the funding. My one daughter has a pump and has hypoglycemic unawareness so we strongly requested assistence. I hope this helps. If you tell the school that others with diabetes are recieving PUF funding they have to follow suite. I would book a meeting with the principal. Hope you get the assistance needed, diabetes is often undermined in the school systems, although I hear they are getting better.

Thanks everyone. Wish me luck for Sept 2011.

Melissa, I can forward a letter that I wrote to our local school board to request funding for an assistant for our son who is in Grade 2. I live in the NWT and it might help. Inbox me with your email address if you would like a copy of my letter. Hope it all works for you. Do you deal with the Stollery? We do, our doc is Dr. Marks and we see Laurie, the counsellor there. She is awesome. Cheers!