Canadian moms of Children under 8 with Type 1 Diabetes in school?

Really need some CANADIAN information on what some of the other moms have done for when their children are in school? Did you manage to get your child an Aid? Did you have to quit your job to go to school and do it for him? Did you pay a health nurse to do it for u? How did you get thru from when he is 5 to 8 when he learns to do it himself? Please let me know where you started so I know what direction to point myself in to get some help. I have already talked to my MLA in Alberta and he has told me that there is no want for funding for Diabetes and there is too much being funded at this time and that the average cost per child per year for an Aid would be around $18,000. I am officially stuck on where to go.

Try the Canadian Diabetes Association Advocacy 1 .800. BANTING …remember the time difference; HO is in Toronto .or visit …I know, they have been working on this subject, however cannot tell you , where it is at . They may need to refer you to your province as this a provincial matter.
Hope this is helpful .

Hi Jeleis, my daughter was 7 when diagnosed the first week of grade 2. I went to school at lunch every day to observe her test and to giver her a bolus (with shots at the time) as needed. I got myself a dedicated cel phone and the school called me if she had a low or didn’t feel normal and then I’d direct the caller (usually the principal) on how to treat her. In grade 3 she was in a new school and a nurse educator came to the school to talk to the teachers about diabetes and lows in particular. The schools in BC do not give shots (except for an epi-pen), no insulin, no glucagon. Now that she is pumping, she calls me with her numbers at lunch and can bolus on her own. No aid was ever offered or discussed and, of course, there isn’t a nurse at the school(s). I did not quit my job but I did alot of running around to get to school at lunch and other times if needed. My daughter’s day care provider was very supportive but I did not expect her to give insulin shots although I’ll bet she would have if I asked.
I think, had my daughter been younger at diagnosis, that the teachers/principal would have stepped forward to test her, record her numbers and called me which would have been great. As it was, she started doing her own testing early on - several times a day while at school - and was supported to eat an extra snack before gym, treat if low, to run around if somewhat high and to call me if there were any problems. Hope this info helps you.

Hi Jeleis,
I would try contacting whoever did your original training. Mine was at a Diabetes Education Center (DEC) in a local hospital. Since they see many people when newly diagnosed, they may have some ideas for you. Also try contacting his Endo? At the very least they might be able to connect you with other parents in your area/province that could share their experiences.
Good luck!

Karen’s comment helped me come up with this …thanks K . : living in the Shuswap , BC and having a Teacher( by the way , she is MY favorite , as she introduced me to pumping in 2000 !!) here at one of the schools …Teacher is a pumper , has a student , who is mentally challenged , teacher pokes student’s finger , teacher gives insulin , his MOM sets him up for carbs etc, while in class …a great combo : Mom and Teacher ( is she the only one in BC ??..maybe ) …Student is going on the pump soon , thanks to Teacher’s support …ofcourse Mom will basicly do the work with the knowledge and help of the Teacher …perfect arrangement for the KID ( I know the 3 personally …SA is relatively small )

i was diagnosed in 1999 at age 11, for me diabetes management was not important at school as i was on a regime that did not require any insulin or BG checks during those hours. (small lunch or low carb lunch, enough long lasting nph to keep me stable through the day) don’t feel stuck just stick to a plan that works, make sure your child knows if there are problems and to keep glucose tabs nearby (or any sugar) in case of lows, learn to limit carbohydrate intake between breakfast and dinner . did it go re getting a nurse to come to your son's school?
I teach at a private school that has one student with D.(I also teach 2).
The parents pay for a nurse to come in 2x a day, and the child tests herself if she feels off...the results of which are passed on to her homeroom teacher, who then call mom/dad if need be.