Any Cozmo users switched to MiniMed?

I am wondering if any Cozmo users have used the Medtronic program and given there Cozmo up in place of the MM. Ive been offered the deal and would like to know if you are happy with the switch.Ive been told the pump will be free if I turn in my Cozmo and fill out some surveys over the next year.I don’t want to give my pump to them and am considering keeping it and paying the $500 credit they offer for it. I have a few apprehensions 1 being I will need to tote around not only my pump but a BG meter as well.Let me know if your happy with the switch.Honestly it scares me.


Am really thankful for you in starting this post. I didn’t switch, but will be looking for a new pump to use in March 2010 and was considering the MiniMed since I love there Quick-Set infusion set. Hope someone will reply that he/ she did the switch! I will be around

Yea,I have not read much about people switching there pumps and am hoping for some feedback.

I switched from Cozmo 1800 to Minimed Paradigm last November, but for a different reason. The reason that I switched to Minimed is that my options were limited because I live in Hungary and I am on Hungarian National Insurance. My choices were Minimed Paradigm, Animas 1200 ( an OLD model), or Accu-chek Spirit. The Minimed pump was looked like the best option out of those three… so I chose that.

IF I had the choice of the Animas PING, I probably would have gone with Animas.

When I started on the Minimed, I felt like I was going a step back. There were many things that seemed less advanced and some features were missing that I liked about the Cozmo (Insulin on Board screen, disconnect feature). Now after about 5 month on the Minimed, I actually like it. I have found some features that I like better and have learned to appreciate the simplicity of it (less button pushing-- everything that I need to do is just a couple steps away). And I like that before I bolus, I see all the factors that went into the bolus calculation on one screen (Animas does this too), as opposed to just the step by step with Cozmo.

Now I actually think that I prefer Minimed. It’s strange because at first I didn’t at all. I guess that you can learn to love almost any pump!

So I can’t tell you what to do, but I know that Animas and Omnipod both have offers for former Cozmo users as well. With some of the offers, you don’t need to mail in your Cozmo… so you could keep both. (I think that’s true with OmniPod-- don’t know about Animas or MM).