Cozmo or Animas, which one?

Diabetic II since 95. On insulin since 01. Current A1c 8.5. I am 62 and about to go on a pump. I am considering either Cozmo 1800 (think is the latest) or Animas 2020. Met the reps, looked at both, read books, talked to endo, searched the net, and still undecided. Looking for users’ advice on pros/cons with both & your experience. Thanks…

Here’s my review of the cozmo -
and the review of the Animas 2020 -

I would suggest trying them out and seeing which one suits you the most.
Best of luck

i love my cozmo!
just thought id say that… :slight_smile:

MiniMed! haha thats my personal choice. I have the minimed 522.

Thanks a bunch for your great reviews. That is the type of info I need. I am curious as to which pump you finally chose for yourself and why.

Thanks for your reply. Why did you finally choose to go with Cozmo?

MiniMed has the greatest continous monitoring device and I like that. However, the Cozmo’s rep insists that they now are offering a similar option for less money. Why did you choose MiniMed over the competition?

I’ve been on my blue Animas 2020 for one week and really like it (but this is my first pump).

I really like the ezCarb feature and the 500 food database. I use quite a bit of insulin each day and it allows me to change the insulin cartridge without changing my infusion site, which is nice. I change cartridges every 1.5 days and infusion sites every 3 days.

Love the waterproofness (is that a word?). We’ve been swimming twice in the past week (I have three kids who love to swim) and it has done great!

Animas just released news about a new pump, the Animas Ping, which will communicate wirelessly to a glucomoter. They said it should be released in August. You might want to wait to see about that one (if you are an early adopter in the technology world).

Thanks Andy. The Ping Pong thing sounds good and I will ask the Animas rep about it… How do you like the Animas reports/graphs and how about the fast scrolling speed for dialing insulin doses or carb amounts? Does the speed of insulin delivery bother you in anyway? Why did you choose Animas over the competition? I don’t know if ‘waterproofness’ is a word but it conveys a very clear meaning.