My Warranty

is almost out on my Cozmo! Time to start talking pumps again. I’ve always been with CoZmo, but I’m looking into the Animas Ping and the Minimed. I’ve never actually liked the Minimed so much, never could figure out why, but with the CGMS, I’m going to give it a fair shot in this game. Any Ping or Minimed users out there that would like to throw in some input? I was on a CGM before, the Dexcom, but I found it painful, and just… a pain to do anything! And the numbers were off very frequently. But I might give it a try again. Anyway, I’ve caught up on my research, I’m sure I do not want an OmniPod, just heard about the large numbers of failures and such. Don’t want that, I’m sticking with the traditional tubing, that’s just my style! Ah, so, like I said. Any input would be nice? Thanks.

Hi There! I’ve been on the ping pump since November and like it alot. The one thing though, that I didnt take into consideration when choosing a pump is the resivor size. The ping holds 200units (190 after priming) while the Minimed and Cozmo holds 300units. It’s a little annoying for me since I have high basal rates but the pros of beaming my blood sugars right to the pump, out weigh the inconvience of 200units. Good luck!

I just switched from Cozmo to Minimed 722 in the Fall. (My reason for switching was only because the Cozmo is not available in the country where I now live. Animas PING was not available either.)

I can tell you that there are many features of the Cozmo that I got used to and I miss them! The Cozmo certainly has more user-friendly features than the Minimed pump, in my opinion. These are things that might not seem like a big deal, but after making the switch I really noticed how much I used them. For example, the Cozmo has GREAT screens. You can get so much info with just a few pushes on the button (on MM most of it is available, but less accessible…). Also, I really like the disconnect feature. And all the alarms that you can customize. Very conventient.

The MM522/722 is a good pump. I have no major problems with it, but I do miss these user-friendly features. I see the integrated CGMS as a MAJOR advantage (I’m not using CGMS yet… but hope to someday.)

Good luck with your decision!

I hear you on the userfriendliness of the Cozmo, Kristin. Now that they’re going the way of the dinosaur (sob!), I’m going to have to get a new one. Not right away, of course, but I’m not looking forward to losing those features that make the Cozmo such a pleasure to use. After finding out yesterday, I went to the Animas site to play around with the 2020. I was less than impressed with their setup compared to the Cozmo’s intuitive menus and interface. And why can’t anyone else put the Hypomanager into their pump?!? It’s a huge help.

Having said that, I’m considering the Ping system. It has the handiness of an integrated BG meter which initially attracted me to the Cozmo, and most of the features I want. And it comes in green :slight_smile: The drawbacks I see are similar to Kathy’s - I use over 200 units in a three-day period so that’s a downside. Also, while the Omnipod doesn’t require a disconnect to take a shower or swim, the Animas would (the tubeless vs. tubed aspect) and it doesn’t have that feature integrated (though you could, obviously, do a disconnect bolus on your own). I hear you on not wanting to go with MM, it seems like a lot of people have had bad experiences with the pump and with their customer service. For me, the integrated CGM isn’t as crucial. I feel like I don’t want to dedicate more brainspace to tracking what my BG is doing every second, especially when the technology isn’t perfected yet. I’m not ready to start worrying about the benefits during pregnancy either (too much other stuff to do first :wink: .

Whatever you decide, keep us posted. Oftentimes watching other people go through that decision-making process is really helpful to people making the same decision.

Peace out,