Any Harry Potter-related Diabetes Anecdotes?

My sister-in-law here is one of the biggest fans of Harry Potter I know: she just came in the door with the new book with the biggest smile!!

It’s incredible that a book series (sad that it’s ending…) has made SO many people look forward so much to a book getting published. Books are always SO much better than their movies (or games) counterparts, in my opinion.

I was wondering if any of ye Harry Potter fans in TuDiabetes had a any Harry Potter-related diabetes anecdotes that you felt like sharing. Maybe a low while waiting in line @ the bookstore (which would not be exciting at all!!)…

I’m waiting to read the books until I see all the movies, because you’re right Manny, the books ARE ALWAYS BETTER. So I’m usually pretty disappointed in the movies. Having said that, the last movie came out after I had been in the hospital for pancreatitis (now believed to be related to the onset of my diabetes) and I remember getting up 23 times during the movie to use the rest room and drinking two great big glasses of water because I was sooo thirsty. Hindsight is 20/20. I think my friends thought I was nuts for drinking that much water. I just thought I was still recovering from severe dehydration. Later I got a call from the doc. about a high fasting test, that of course I ignored. I rented the movie when it came out on DVD because I missed so much.

I ordered my copy from Amazon so no lows waiting on line to purchase. I did have a few while reading the book which i thought was ironic considering once i started reading, i barely moved from my curled up position on the couch. So much for my exercise program this weekend. I am one of the freaky people that read the whole thing over the weekend. So now I will be back on track!