Any Ideas?

So I started college about a month ago and while I've never been perfect about managing my diabetes this past month I've been terrible.I'm aware that I need to be better and hopefully my insulin pump should be here any day now. But I need some ideas on how to remember to test my blood sugar and also some general keeping it in balance tips.

I found that having a pump and CGM forced me to check my sugar.
My pump will vibrate and beet incessantly until I test my sugar.
I hate it but it gets me to do it. Also when I get a high or low number I want to run to check if it is correct, so I end up testing 4 times a day on average.

Back when I was in college, I would go weeks without checking my sugar,
back then there was a lot more it it, you needed a very large hanging drop of blood, and then you had use a timer to time how long it was on the strip, and then you compared it to a chart and got an "idea" of what it was.
I don't recommend it of course, but now it is so easy, there is no real reason to not test. Once you get in the habit, it will come easier.

Remember , There are always those complications that can threaten you.
I have had diabetes for 29 years, and I have no complications, minus some joint trouble that may or may not be diabetes related, and in any case it has resolved now.

Good luck with your new pump

just think of DIABETES as your FRIEND so YOU have to take care of your friend & same with your pump & testing

i'd always take a few mins in between classes to run to the restroom check it, take insulin if needed or get a snack.

set reminders for in between classes on your phone if you need to. that will get you on a schedule on check blood sugars and it will help to level it.

sometimes i'd go to the library because it was a quiet place to unwind and there was a starbucks in there. it came in handy a few times.

Take your cell phone and go into the Alarms section. Put in New Alarms with a special ring and label the name "Check B.S." if you have the option. I have done this for my birth control pills in the past as well as other things. BEcause you always have your phone you know!

How much time do you have between classes?

Can you get to class a minute early or stay a minute late and while everyone is getting prepped for class, or packing to go to the next class, and just test where you're sitting?

Hello megninjapow:

Let's back up a second?

Have you done the serious background testing to give the pump the needed data MANDATORY in order to program it correctly? You just dont attach em, and POOF the magic happens...

Different times of day, we typically need different amounts of insulin running in the background. When we cover for food, or a higher number, that you likely have a sense of already. What do do when you exercise, you now have the ability to reduce the insulin you are getting... that will be new.

Where are you having the big problems with? What is your take on why that is???

I was supposed to get my pump 4 months ago so I had done the data needed a while ago.

Ok, good! Some make the assumption one is mistakenly a magic-wand i.e. no programming required/necessary. Its bad thinking but some do. Glad to hear thats not the issue.

So what ARE the big issues as you see them?