One thing at a time, starting with testing

OK, I “fell off the wagon” and it is time for me to get back on it and take responsibility for myself and my diabetes.

But I need some suggestions other than “just do it! remember to test! it is not hard!” (this was said by my diabetes educator.) easy for her to say. I ask for suggestions and I get the same response.

What tools or things do you find helpful for a very irregular schedule to remember to test? Work starts at 0530 but that is the only predictable thing that happens all day. I catch things to eat when I can, I know there are others out there that have a similar situations and i would really appreciate any suggestions you might have.



When I was on MDI I got a wonderful, tiny keychain sized countdown timer on Amazon. I think it’s made by ILA? I hooked it to my beltloop or whatever. It could be set to just vibrate -worked for me!

I have a meter that has a reminder set on it but since I have partial hearing and I keep my meter in my hand bag it is useless to me. I set my alarm on my mobile phone - you can set it to vibrate only if you do not want the thing going off in church, at a funeral, at a wedding or such like!

Different things work for different people!

I see that you are a Quality Engineer. Im a software developer and even though I have a hectic schedule I never leave my meter out of my sight. That is how I know to test. When my meter was out of sight it was out of mind. Its small enough to fit in my pocket so when I go to meetings or anywhere there it is. My meter is my constant reminder that I need to test. I have become very good at the one hand test. I leave my meter inside the bag and as I walk through cubicle land I pick a corner and bust out the meter, insert the test strip and poke my finder with the other hand. I then switch meter to non bleeding hand and go for the drop of blood. I got good at testing while standing and walking.

I also have a smart phone so I set alarms every 2 hours from the time I eat breakfast. My meals I always try to eat at the same time during the week.

hi Rick, I see you are type 2 with an a1c of 6.5. I would suggest bringing your lunch and snacks to work. I think you might want to write down what your goal is, and don’t just say “testing more” - make your goal specific, like “I will test before every meal”. Here is a post I found to be very helpful about goal-setting

it won a prize some time ago here when we had a contest called “simple steps to health”.

I downloaded a free app for my android smartphone. It is call on track. It has reminders on it which helps for me.

We’re trying to teach my (T1) son to test before he eats anything – works fine when we’re talking about regular meals or snacks but he still will sometimes grab a chocolate milk and consume it and then happily come tell me “Mama, look! I had chocolate milk!” facepalm and of course I have to simply bolus for it and hope to heaven he wasn’t low when he drank it.