College life

Never would I have figured how much stress can have an impact on diabetes. The past week was finals week and I was up late hours studying and my eating pattern was all over the place. I experienced very high blood sugars, and then it would rebound to very low blood sugars. Definately no fun having to try and manage my diabetes along with trying to do good on finals. But in the end, I believe I passed all my classes and I finally got my blood sugars under more control. :)

I teach college & wonder about the challenges that students with diabetes face! I say live and learn.
While your feelings about the past weeks are fresh in your mind, consider how you could lower the stress & live in greater balance at the end of next semester.
Ie, avoid cramming by studying seriously throughout the term. Stock up on lo-carb healthy treats for busy weeks. Make sure you go to bed by midnight (or 2 a.m.).
Enjoy your (much deserved) break!

Stress, the kind which alters our blood chemistry, which alters breathing, which makes our hands shake uncontrollably (fight or flight), and which dumps adrenaline, cortisol, etc. into the bloodstream is pretty clear... there is no guess work what effect it has...

It raises our blood sugar period. There is no lowering our BS involved, just HIGH. The "lowering" is caused by whatever coorrection efforts we try and make to bring things down. But eating too much high carb foods at weird times... getting no sleep... nothing on the list will bring you or anybody else's BG down...

All of it is the HIGH bg arena.

thank you. i just did not think it would affect me to that extent lol

Stress and higher blood sugar? My most obvious experience with this was my blood glucose before and after an especially harrowing dentist appointment.