Any Motorcyle riders here?

I was wondering are there any riders here as I have been riding for about 3 yrs now and was wondering if there are any of you out there who ride also?
Especially any of you who are on pumps? That is one of the reasons I went on the pump, as most of the time last year I couldn’t ride because my sugars were out of range, it just didn’t permit me to ride. I have a 1997 HD RoadKing and would love to have someone who lives close to me to ride with.
let me know how man of us there are out there.

Hi Linda: :o)

Ya, we’ve been riding for about 17 yrs. I don’t handle it though, my Husband does.
He tried to teach me but I said NO, since it weighs a ton. I sit on the bseat.

We used to have a Yamaha but my Husband sold it when fell in love with this old
Suzuki. Nice bike though. Almost mint. The collecter plate went on it last summer
so he got another one and replaced it.

He is not a Diabetic, I am not using a pump and we don’t live near you. Three strikes. :slight_smile:
I hope that your sugars are doing much better now with the pump. Drive safe.

Hi Linda,

I ride, but I’m a bit of a ways from Pennsylvania (Connecticut). I would love to take a few days come spring and ride out that way though… I think that would be an awesome ride! However, I ride an old Honda Shadow and I’m not sure how you would feel about mixing American and foreign bikes. Here in CT there is a pretty strict dividing line between Harley riders and the rest of us… I really don’t know why, but there is.

Anyway, put me down as a motorcycle rider (I have been riding since 1986).


Hey terri,
I sit in the bseat too when my sugars are out of line but that’s the only time. I’m looking to get a bike that’s a whole lot lighter, as much as I like Harley I think with their prices and my funds (O; I will go back to the Honda, which is what we had before. Hubby has an ElectraGlide but he can keep it, I want to ride but just recently had knee surgery and have the knees of a 60 yr old the Dr said(only 45) So the weight is coming into play now. But in the past it hasn’t until this past summer.
They say the weight doesn’t matter cause you’re not carrying it, but it does when you have some other issues!
no you don’t have three strikes (o:
I love to ride and you love to ride that’s all that matters. Maybe we’ll see each other some day at a bike fest. I cannot wait for this summer now to be able to get out and hopefully to trade mine for a little lighter one. Maybe a Honda 750 or something, that’s about 200 lbs lighter than mine is now. So I’m ready. Harley has some lighter ones but their prices are just rediculous. And I loved the Honda I had before, it was sweet so I will either get a Honda or a vStar. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Riding is it for me during the warmer months. I’m sure you understand what I mean. I love it!!! I always rode bseat with hubby and one day I said I wanted a bike too, when he said he was going to get another bike. Took the motorcycle safety course and , four yrs later still lovin it. There’s a biker on American Idol this year we just love, we were excited about that. Don’t know if you watch that or not?
Nice to meet you keep in touch! Glad to meet a fellow biker


Sorry to hear about your knees. Well, of course the weight matters when your knees are
not in their Best shape. There’s usually fancy maneuvering of some sort involved when riding.

Ya, there are some Beautiful Harley bikes but I don’t think that little bit of metal and leather are
worth that much $$$. Crazy. But I do like their sound. My youngest Brother rode Harleys.

I wouldn’t mind riding one if it was lighter and a bit smaller since I’m a shortie. Of course, with
my luck I’d probably run over that little old Lady that always seems to have the right of way. :smiley:

I used to watch the American Idol until we copied and got the Canadian Idol. :slight_smile: Now I catch the
CI once in a while. I used to watch them every time but too much is too much.

It’s Nice to meet you also. Thanks for bring up the topic. I wish you Good Luck finding the perfect
bike for you. Let me know when you get it, eh? Enjoy and I’ll see you about. Take Care.

Hey Bill,
Thanks for your response back on this. Just wondered how many of ype 1 people were out there. I just read your Bio. Man I see where you’ve been there and back. The old lady with the cataracs
sure wasn’t any help. This is what we deal this out on the road. I’ll never forget the day John(hubby) and I went to trade in our bike at the Harley dealer, he had a Honda Shawdow 750 and me a Sabre, we were better than half way there and a car pulled out in front of us. Actually in front of John. That is super scary to see. I was saying to myself, OMG, no please no. as I watch his back tire spinning and then locking up and he started to the side of the road I of course slowed down but was praying at the same time for it to be alright and somehow he pulled it together and stayed on the road and standing tall. The idiot pulled off to the side of the road so we could go by and just sat there. He knew what he did. The Harley dealer said he couldn’t believe it, we laugh about it now but it was by no means funny then as I’ve seen so many killed since did my safety course . That is the wisest move I could have made. As far as Honda around our Harley’s, we are not one of those people. I mean yes most of the people we ride with do ride a Harley but we have travelled around with people on Honda’s also. I will probably end up on a Honda again. I know what you mean about the HD riders and the Honda riders though, it’s all redneck country where I live and Honda is definately something they don’t like. I have another friend who has a Yamaha, which is what my hubby had when I met him and they don’t seem to care too much for those people. We feel like this
We Love to ride and it’s fun to ride places with friends and other people. It’s all about the love of the ride, not what your riding on! If you enjoy the ride and love to go places and have fun “That’s the only thing that matters!” That would be a good ride for you to Pa.
Wanted to see when I started this thread how many diabetics ride and any problems they may have had. It’s all about testing though. I know everytime we stop for a rest or smoke, I test my sugar, or if I just feel funky, I will flash lights at hubby to let him know I’m pulling off. But this year is going to be much easier with having the pump and cgms. What do you do with your pump when you ride stick it inside your jacket? That’s what I worry about but also could put it down my pant leg too. I would like to set up a ride for diabetics here in PA with the JDF. I emailed them last night about it so guess we’ll see. But I’d like to do something.
Hey take care and keep in touch

terrie they do have the Sportster Lowriders now for shorter people I sat on one and I’m not short but it would probably be something you’d like. They have a couple for shorter people now. You can go to Harley’s website and see what they have. You can see their crazy prices too. If you buy a new bike from them they give you a free motorcycle safety course too, at least at my local Harley they do. They are beutiful bikes real chrome, my is totally chromed out and it’s sweet, I always get compliments when I go anywhere. I had a guy almost fall on the ground at a bike fest one day we went too. He said he was waiting for the owner to come out but had no idea it was a girl, because he had questions. I was like OK shoot what do you want to know?? Well he almost fell over when he found out I knew what I was riding and what it had! LOL! I really enjoy those reactions and love the stares when hubby and I go someplace I’m hoping this leg just keeps feeling better and maybe I can just be OK with my bike as I’ve had it for 3 yrs now and it is BEAUTIFUL! I hate to think of even trading it. We’ll see!
catch ya later

Hi Linda,

The degree to which drivers disregard those of us who ride motorcycles is tremendous! I really won’t ride my bike through a city if I can avoid it. Instead, I love to cruise the back roads and see what the majority of drivers miss… it’s way more relaxing.

I’ve been keeping my pump in my sock lately. I used to just have it in my jeans pocket, but the sock has been working out great for me. I have a remote to bolus, so I wouldn’t need to take my mc boots off, and it should be pretty safe there. You really do need a good quality sock that isn’t a quitter though.

Please keep me in mind Linda for when you get a ride scheduled.