Diabetic Motorcyclists come in!

So, I wanted to create a thread for us bikers! Truth be told, Im gathering interest for a group to be created for us. There's many things to talk about, specifically diabetes related and motorcycling. Id like to have a place for us to come to talk about things like...how do you carry your meds...keeping insulin cool if you're using it...testing while on the road...carrying emergency supplies...etc.

So Ill start! About me...T1 diabetic for 48 years. My first car when I was 16 was a Yamaha Special 400. Been riding ever since. I currently ride a Yamaha FJR 1300. Wifey loves to ride also, and we two-up quite a bit. Here in Phoenix I ride year round, and my car gets about 300 miles/year on it lol. Me and my bike are my avatar pic, and you can see a few more on my page.

So tell us about you!

Hi Dan, I do not ride motorcycles but I do know that we already have group for bikers. You can find it HERE.