Any news on the animas vibe coming to the USA?

I have been looking online but I can’t find any new information on a possible time frame. My insurance coverage is awful but I have been having such a horrible time with my bloodsugars. I just don’t want to commit to adding the cost of a CGM to my life and then have the vibe become available right afterwards! Thanks

When I talked with an Animas rep the other day she said 2012. That was the best she could do. So… no idea, wish I did!

Thanks. At least that gives me a “sometime in the next 15 months or so” time frame! That’s better than nothing :slight_smile:

Animas always has the upgrade program. I just got a new Ping and was told that if they come out with the Vibe while I am still under waranty they do the upgrade which I thnk is / was 399 which to me is well worth it. Good luck and lets all keep our fingers crossed for the quick release of the Vibe. Such exciting news.

It might mean “sometime in the next 15 months”. But in 2009, they told us 2010, and in 2010, they said 2011…

It does seem more likely to be true this time since they’ve acually shipped it in the UK…

I was told by an Animas rep last week that if you buy a Ping from this point forward you can get the Vibe for $99 (it may have been $199 sorry not sure but less than the usual $399)

Oh wow it’s already out in the UK? That will be very nice not to be hooked to 2 devices. :slight_smile:

I really don’t think having my pump and my receiver with me all the time is a big deal…maybe I am the only one…ei!ther way I will still have my infusion site and my sensor…so it really doesn’t matter. Combination means a little less bulk in my pocket but I still have that enormous meter case…so being a guy I could care less about the football…more worried about the meter/remote size!

I am almost wondering if the meter will be smaller since I have read it is no longer a remote. Something with the new pump/cgm combo and an conflict with the signal between a remote feature and the transmitter for the CGM… the animas UK site has that info on it. Im not on a CGM but i got to try one for a few weeks and it drove me crazy to have one more thing to keep track of :slight_smile:

You can always choose whatever meter you want and just input the number into the pump. Freestyle has some pretty small meters. There is also the One Touch Mini.

I would think if you have the CGM integrated you would not need the remote. It shoots the numbers directly into the pump already so unless you are calibrating there is really no need to ever plug in any other numbers. I do not think it’s a big deal to have 2 devices on my belt and I LOVE LOVE LOVE both my Ping and my Dexcom so if I look a little bulky then so be it. I started pumping 18 almost 19 years ago and wow what a difference. I’m just thankful for what I have and looking forward to it all being in one device but no biggie to carry 2. :o)

Actually Medtronic had this problem with pre Revel models. The link meter would automatically calibrate the sensor. Problem is you don’t always want that blood glucose to be used as a calibration so anyone using their sensors had to turn the link option off.
I have a feeling the Vibe won’t come with a blood sugar meter as there will not be meter remote capabilities on the Vibe.

I may be misunderstanding. Are you saying that the integrated CGM would substitute for fingersticks?

If I read the VIBE material correctly on the Animas - Great Britain site, there is still a meter/remote and it is the color screen unit also available in Canada now.

Vibe has no remote control.
When you enter a fingerstick measure you can select to use it to calibrate the integrated CGM.
For everything else pump and CGM are separate things.
Vibe dimensions are the same as the ping / 2020

Read user guide for complete info: link

The Ping is bigger than the 2020 for sure. The Vibe will be bigger than the Ping as well. Check the tech specs . I am not 100% sure on the vibe being bigger than the Ping but the Ping is for sure larger than the 2020

Reading the Vibe Manual:

Dimensions: 8.26 x 5.08 x 2.18 (3.25 x 2.00 x 0.86 inches)

Weight: Approximately 105 grams (70 ounces)

Ping, from link ping:

Size: 5.08 x 8.255 x 2.159 centimeters

So Vibe is equal to PING.

pump comparison (link)
Here Ping has smaller dim ?? You know

Interesing. When I use a ruler to look at the thickness of the Ping I get at most 2 cm and that is looking at the “bump” that comes from the screen. I do not know how they determine how to measure these things but I guess you go with their official stats.
Thanks for looking up the Ping dimensions. Didn’t have time to when I posted above. I believe the last link was the dimensions for the 2020 even though it labeled the pump as the Ping.

My Dexcom rep and Animas Rep both told me, in seperate meetings and at different times (more than once) that for anyone buying an Animas Ping, the option to uprgrade to a VIBE when they are available in the US is $99.