Animas Vibe in the US

Hi All!

I just got an email this morning from Dexcom advertising that the G4 sensors with the new receiver are now available for sale in the US. Does anyone know what bearing this will have on the Animas Vibe being released in the US? I searched a few months ago and came across something on the FDA website about the G4 sensors holding up the Vibe approval. Hopefully this means the Vibe isn't far behind but if anyone has any more specific info that would be great! We've all been speculating for so long and it would be beyond helpful to have my Dexcom and pump rolled into one. I feel like I come with a lot of baggage as it is and this would certainly lighten the load.

I don't mean to get anyone's hopes up by posting this but I figured the more info we can share with each other the better.

Happy pumping!

Woods right on. We can only hope. Today I got an email from Dexcom offering me the G4. I told them politely I won't switch from 7+ to G4 unless it is a Vibe (full waterproof and less luggage)

Don't hold your breath too long waiting for the Vibe. The G4 sensor approval was just one thing holding up the FDA's approval of the Vibe. The G4 has been available since October of last year.

In my most recent communications with Animas, the Vibe is not expected to be approved until the end of 2013 or possibly early 2014. The U.S. division of Animas has been very tight lipped about the entire Vibe product but I've been communicating with the U.K. division for over a year and that is the latest I've heard.

It's disappointing but from what I understand Animas couldn't even submit the Vibe for final approval until the G4 sensor was approved.

I did break down and get the Dexcom G4 ahead of the Vibe's release. Just started on it this week. It's significantly smaller and lighter. The screen is bright and clear. The accuracy is much better as well. With my old Seven+ I was lucky if the Dexcom BG number was within 25-30 of my fingersticks. After the fist couple calibrations my Dexcom has been within 2-3.

I figured if it was going to take a year to get the Vibe, I may as well do the Dexcom upgrade now. That way I have the benefit of the better CGM now and can switch to using the Vibe at when it's available.

I don't think it will take all that long assuming that Animas has already submitted the required paperwork to the FDA. 1. The pump part is basically the ping without the meter remote, because the FDA doesn't allow digital multiplexing, so there is nothing to check, since the ping is basically the 2020 with the meter remote, i.e. proven technology. What needs to be checked is that the dexcom receiver built into the Vibe reports the exact same information as the officially approved Dexcom G4 receiver, and there should be plenty of data from Europe. Animas is being tight lipped because the FDA prohibits any company from saying anything about an un-approved device or drug. the 1st think you will hear from Animas concerning the Vibe is that it has been approved by the FDA

A little off topic, but I found this article related to Animas and plans for artificial pancreas trials. It is from June 2012, describing trials with their pump and CGMS, with plans similar to MM regarding having the pump enabled to adjust insulin delivery based on CGMS. Not likely included in Vibe/G4 US release, but this is the first I've seen that they are working on it.
More reasons for me to consider Animas Vibe over MM, as my next pump.

My understanding is that when the Vibe is available in US, you would purchase the pump, and optionally also purchase the Dexcom G4 transmitter and sensors.
Basically the cost of the Dexcom G4 and sensors would be the same when purchased for use with Vibe as they are when used with Dexcom receiver.

So all you're really saving is the cost of the Dexcom receiver. For some, having the Dexcom G4 receiver, in addition to the Vibe (as a receiver) gives more flexibility, especially hearing alarms at night. At least this is how we hope it will work.