Any other diabetic climbers?

Hello everyone! I'm newly diagnosed type 1 and still in the grace/honeymoon phase, so not on insulin yet, but I'm trying to find out what I can look forward to.

I'm just wondering if there are any other diabetic climbers who can tell me how climbing affects their blood glucose. Up or down? How much? Does it make a difference if you're bouldering or doing routes? Indoors or out?

Thanks for any response.

I also lift, so any comments about how that affects blood glucose would also be helpful.

If you are in Boulder Colorado, there is group called Insulindependence on facebook and thier is alot of climbing and hiking they do every month

See the living verticle page. Prepare to be amazed.

Steve Richert, is very willing to talk and share experiences.

Just so there isn't any misunderstanding from the previous post, Insulindependence is not limited to Colorado or facebook. It is an international group, and you can learn more at

Oh, and check out Mountains for Active Diabetics,

That may not be the kind of climbing you're thinking about, though.

I would LOVE to go climbing!

I've never been because I don't know many people who go out often!

If you all know anyone in Southern California let me know!


One thing you could do is join Insulindependence at the Diabetes Wilderness Festival in Joshua Tree National Park. It was great fun last year. As far as climbing, we just did some scrambling up boulders.

This year Steve Richert will be there as a guest expert, so I imagine the climbing will be more technical.

I hit the climbing gym once a week or so, but do relatively little bouldering in the real world.

I second Living Vertical. I met Steve briefly at an Insulindependence event and have followed him since. Really an amazing individual!

Thanks for the links, folks.

I didn't notice your mention of weight-lifting before. Often weight-lifting can cause glucose release and blood sugars to rise. I guess that can happen with climbing, too.