hi there,
my son and i are thinking about climbing pikes peak in july, about 14,000feet. Aside from the diabetes paraphanelia i need to take with me, is there anything else relative to diabetes i should be concerned with.
appreciate any input.

There is a group here called “Athletic Diabetics” - maybe some folks there would have some ideas. Good luck! I used to be an avid backpacker. Never did the fourteeners, though.

thank you, i will contact them.


I found this website called MAD–mountain for active diabetes. These guys are extreme mountain climbers, I do not see too many recent post there but there is a guy with initials of dp —David Panosky or something like that who will email you back. I emailed him with a question and he responded. Check out the web page. Good luck. Denise

Howard, I like to recommend, that you e-mail my Canadian buddy Sebastian Sasseville at …tell him I send you ( a fellow Canadian and we have met in person on several occasions) . Sebastian is the first Canadian person living with type 1 diabetes, who has reached the summit of Mount Everest , 2008 …if you google his name you can connect with his bio, expeditions , photo gallary etc. etc. One of my favourite inspirational speakers.
Good luck and please keep us at Tudiabetes in the loop .