Any podders using Dexcom?

Hi all! We have been podding for three months and are just starting to look into Dexcom. Any here using both? Site rotation? How is pain compared to Omnipod insertion? Can you insert at night while child is asleep? That is what I’m thinking… How would you set alarms for a busy preteen?

YES YES YES!!! We have both and love the Dexcom. My son wears his Omnipod on alternate arms and the Dexcom on alternate sides of his lower back. I requested an extra sensor so I could wear it first, and Dexcom was happy to send me one. I didn't think it hurt that much but the inserter looks intimidating so we use EMLA cream before the insertion. Yes - I have definitely inserted at night. At first we set the alarms really wide - high was something over 300 I think, and the low was around 50 (or whatever the lowest you could set it is) but we have found that we need them closer together as we've gotten used to it. I use it the most for adjusting insulin but my son uses it to make sure he's staying level during sports - which has been a huge help.

My daughter had a 10 day trial in December and loved the Dexcom. We have completed the paperwork to get one on a permanent basis. She tests between 10 and 15 times a day and was so happy to give her fingers a break. She reported that she did not feel the Dexcom insertion. That was significant, because for her, there are times that the Omnipod insertion is very uncomfortable.

We started on the dexcom before the omnipod. I cannot imagine life without it. It provides so much information, prevents countless lows. It really quiet that nagging voice in your head that wants to know where the bg is at and which way its going. You can take a reading at 90mgdl and know by the arrows whether you are going to stay around that number or if you could keep dropping.
Sites are less painful than the omnipod for my son. Though it looks a bit more intimidating, it is relatively painless. We use his arms all the time and have no issues with site. We started with the buttocks but it was not as accurate.
Not perfect but well worth it.
We have alarms set for below 100, fast drops (3mgdl+) and above 300. The alarms vibrate then beep which is not great for a parent of t1 toddler but probably preferable to a teen.

did you get the ten day trial through a sales rep or a clinical person? our endo disagrees with prescribing right now, which is part of our problem...

thanks! I wonder if they will free upgrade everyone when the g4 is approved? I read that's in the european vibe, but it has no controller because it's in the animas pump... not sure if they will release in us with a new controller, anyone know?