CGM and your child

Is your child using a CGM? What kind did you decide on? What age did he or she start using it? Thanks.

My son is 10 and wears the Dexcom. MM wasn’t a choice since we aren’t on their pump - and right now the Navigator isn’t available. Even if it had been, I went with Dexcom because it had the smaller insertion needle, and a smaller transmitter. Since he’s already on the Omnipod, we didn’t want one more big thing attached to him - and the eventual integration between Omnipod and Dexcom was a bonus. I wouldn’t have made a decision based on that though since you never know when things will finally be available or even if they will.

We love the Dexcom. I can’t imagine going back to life without it! I feel like I’m in a room with the lights turned out when it’s in the warm up hours.

My daughter is 2.5 years old and started using a CGM 3 months ago. We also chose the Dexcom even though, at the time, it wasn’t covered by insurance and the MM was. This was because SO MANY parents told me how much MM hurts and because you’re supposed to change it every 3 days instead of every 7. I had never heard anything but good things about the Dexcom and we have found that to be the case in our own experience.

Now that we are accustomed to using it, we will never be without it. I can’t overstate the value and security of having CGM. As Natasha said, we feel positively blind during the 2 hours at startup.

We also chose the Dexcom for some of the same reasons. Inserting is supposed to be less painful than MM and the 7 days of wear vs 3 is a huge plus. We have the Ping and they are eventually going to integrate the two. My son just turned 9. I am curious to know if anyone has tried the dexcom sensor on places besides the stomach area, I guess I will try posting this question.

She has used MM cgms on arm only (we had to discontinue using MM sensor; painful after EMLA wore off at time). Dex has only been worn on tush area, I would not hesitate to try the arm; she now won't because of prior bad experiences with MM. No pain, ever; we get good readings. Her objection to wearing the sensor now has more to do with carrying around the Receiver; Dex is perfectly comfortable for her. So she has to carry receiver, glucometer and pump. I can't wait for Dex to integrate with Animas pump and hope it happens before her warranty is over next year. P.S. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have Freestyle glucometer on the pump, like Cosmo, AND integrated cgms? One can only dream......