Omnipod was just delievered.... switching from MM 722

Hello all,

I am new to Tudiabetes and this group. I’ve been using the MM 722 pump for the last 14ish years, and I’ve decided to switch to the Omnipod. My only concern is how the insertion site feels after the pod is on and cannula is placed. When you touch it, lean on it, or sleep on it, does it hurt? I’m scared to use my back because I sometimes sleep on my back… please be honest!

Thank you all- I am so happy to be part of this community!


My son says you don’t really feel it once it is in. Doesn’t bother him when he sleeps or plays.

It does bother him when it takes a direct hit when playing something like soccer. Even then, it only takes a minute to shake it off and then he is back to not feeling it.

Cara -

Wecome to the group! TU and welcome to the Podders! No worries, it really desnt feel like anything is there, unless you (like I often do) catch it on a door jam or something like that…sleep on it, it doesnt matter! I wear mine on my arm most often (just between the bicep and my shoulder) so I sleep on it almost every night, and I dont feel anything. I wear mine on the small of my back (extreme upper butt) sleep is not a problem, but my belt and my jeans rub against it all the time…so that isnt my favorite spot. Good luck with everythihg and PEACE!


No worries at all!! I have it on my back right now! I lean on it, sleep on it, bump it, and no pain! Remember that it does insert w a needle, but the only thing that stays in is a tiny tiny tube. Therefore it doesn’t feel like a needle pricking you when you hit it, it doesn’t even feel like something is “in me”. Really, no worries friend! I was nervous about it too! They ONLY real issue I had, I had it on my arm one day, and when putting on a bra it got pulled by my strap and hurt! Really though, you will love it.

Hi Cara1028! Welcome to Omnipod! I have been using this pump since August (was on MDI) I haven’t had any issues with feeling it after insertion. Doesn’t matter whether I sleep on it or whatever. I still play soccer, but haven’t had a direct hit. Most of the time I almost forget I even have it on. Good luck!!!

Unless you’ve got a bad site, it won’t hurt. I’m pretty lean and have no trouble with sleeping on my back with the pod there…sometimes there will be some soreness or stinging around the site when I have just delivered a HUGE (i’m talking, like, 10u) bolus, but it will only last for a couple minutes and that’s about it. You shouldn’t feel any pain at all at the insertion site, but you will feel the pod behind you pushing on your back a little bit if you sleep on a firm mattress or have the pod on your arm and sleep on your side (I just switch sides of the bed so I don’t have to sleep on the pod when it’s on my arm…)
If you are a back-sleeper I would recommend wearing the pod on your thighs or ams, those are two of my favorite spots, for sure!

Let us know if you have any more questions!


Thanks everyone! You’ve eased my anxious thoughts!

It really doesn’t hurt at all and sometimes I even forget where it is. I usually wear it all over my belly and abdomen and once it’s on I forget about it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Basically, I never know it’s there!

Hi Cara. For me, every site has it’s tiny inconveniences like the seat belt rubbing or not being able to sleep on that side for 3 days, but it all seems minor vs the bennies…no complaints. Good luck.

Thanks everyone! I am going to be trained tomorrow- I’ll let you know my thoughts once I’ve settled in! :slight_smile:

The sound of the pop when the needle goes in is theonly thing scary. I dont feel the needle and I end up sleepingon most of the time and I dont feel it.

I too have a MM722 and I was wondering about the Omnipod. Let meknow how it works out for you.

Okay, so the trainer left about an hour ago. The pod is currently on my back, and so far- NO PAIN! I was so worried about sensitivity or comfort… I’m soooo happy I switched! Thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi Cara! I too switched from the MM722 to an oPod about a year and a half ago. I have found (as I hope you have/will) that sleeping with a pod is MUCH easier than sleeping with a bulky pump clipped somewhere with tubing all over the place. Enjoy! I also recommend experimenting with different bodily locations. upper butt, outer thigh, outer hip, back, love handles, arms, tummy, etc.


I just got insulin in my Pod today (after trying to convince them i didn’t need the saline trial to no avail)! I am anxious to see how I like this as I have never pumped before. I just couldn’t see getting a pump with tubes, as you would have to disconnect during showers, swimming, exercise, etc. What a pain that would be. Keep in touch and let me know how it is going - I must admit reading all the pod failure posts made me second guess it…