Any point in getting a smart watch with cellular at this point?

I´m in the process of getting the Dexcom G6. I´ve used the G4 since 2012, but never been able to use a smart watch until now when I´m getting the G6. And I want a smart watch which in the future is able to display my BG-numbers without having to carry my phone or any Dexcom receiver;- is this going to require a smart watch with cell? Or is it going to use some other technology?

I have an iPhone so for me I guess it will be either the Apple Watch 4 with GPS or the one with GPS+Cell. Or is it maybe better to buy something from another brand?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can make me understand how this tehcnology works.

Oh…another thing: Does the smart watch vibrate when the Dexcom alarm goes off?

Still waiting on Dexcom to release the app. But expectations are no cell required. BLE communication.

There are alternatives to the Dexcom app if you want numbers on your watch now. Lots of people already do that.

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Yes. The watch vibrates with the alarms.
As far as I can tell, though, you can’t dismiss the alarm from the watch. It will keep going off until you silence it on the phone, which, in my view, is a minor hassle.
Overall, I’ve found having my blood glucoses on my watch to be awesome.

Another thing which took me a little while to figure out is that you have to choose a watch face that supports having the BG display. Not all Apple Watch faces do.


I have an Apple Watch but I need to carry the phone unless the watch is cell enabled. Which would be nice, but the phone is more and you need to add more service.

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Thanks four your replies @Tim35, @T2Tom and @Tnyc.

To my understanding a watch even when it´s cell enabled can´t display the info from a Dexcom without having a phone nearby. Am I right or wrong about this?

And as @Tim35 says:

If this info is right I don´t need a watch with cell even in the future. The tech from Dexcom is going to be bluetooth, so no cell required.

Correct. The phone communications with the sensor. The phone communicates with the watch.

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Thanks, @Paytone! Is it via bluetooth?

That’s right.

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The Dexcom G5/G6 transmitter only has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication capabilities.

So whatever picks it up has to have BLE. cell is not relevant for direct comms with the transmitter.

What happens with the data after it is received on a mobile device may need a cell/wifi to handle further but that is past the Dex==>Mobile connection.