Any problems with snowboarding with an insulin pump?

im about to get my insulin pump and i dont know any diabetics that snowboard so id apreciate the info

I don’t snow board but there is no reason why you couldnt do it while wearing a pump. You can put it in your pocket and go! They are very durable. I cant count the times my pump has slammed on the floor, or got wacked on the side of doors. The one thing to take into consideration is if your pump is water proof or not in case it falls out of your pocket into the snow. I have the Animas Ping and its waterproof I dont know about the others though. Also, you should figure out with your doctor if you should decrease your basal rates while doing something as active as snowboarding so you wont get low. Good Luck!

With snowboarding you should have plenty of padding from layers to keep the pump safe and warm. Keep it as close to your body as you can but is a place that if you land on it it won’t end up hurting you. usually a pocket in the pants or sweat shirt.

I snowboard and ski and have never had an issue and I have eaten snow pretty hard before. lol