Insulin Pump and Skydiving

Okay here is my problelm. My family is going on vacation to Las Vegas on Tue. and as always whenwe are there the whole family goes skydiving. This will be the first year that I go that I have an insulin pump. Before I was doing the shot thing so I did not have to worry about anything but now I worry. I do not know what to do about my pump/ How to make sure it stay protected when I jump? Anyone has any ideas, I leave on Tue.

Either just take it off for the jump or make sure it’s securely fastened to you
lucky you! I’ve always wanted to do sky diving!

Way cool! If I were you, I’d try to get a vacation extra next time. But for now, I’d simply wear it. Maybe dead center below the navel. I know of two pro hockey players that wear it in this spot, beneath their outer uniform. I would also tape it to my body for the few hours(?) of the flight and jump. Where I could manage the buttons.

I’m impressed and jealous of your adventure. Have fun!

What about the different air pressure? Is it really recommendable to wear a pump in an airplane that exposes you directly to the environmental air pressure. This way the pump is exposed to fast pressure changes. Could insulin be released by the pump unintentinally for example? I am just thinking out loud.

We have a member here who is an avid skydiver

he has 24 videos here on skydiving. long time type1 (oops, I forgot to see if he’s a pumper - anyway, check it out!)

I have no idea, but if it were me, I’d leave it on the ground. Even if the pressure difference didn’t affect it, I’d be worried about landing wrong, or rolling and having it damaged that way. I think it is just safer all around to leave it down.

When I sky dive I take it off. From hopping on the plane, which will most likely do circle after circle until you get to the jump altitude then plummeting to earth you’ll be without a pump at most 30 or so mins. I can only imagine what it would feel like to have it ripped off as you’re falling but I’d go with not pleasant.

Yes, he’s a pumper (Minimed 722). So send him a message and see :slight_smile: His videos are fun to watch :slight_smile: That’s as close as I ever want to get to skydiving!

I have been thinking of leaving it on the ground. I have a feeling it may get ripped out and that is something I don’t want to feel.

Andy thanks for the comment. Coming from a fellow sky diver I can trust. I went yesterday and I gave my pump to my mom (the only one of us that do not sky dive) to hold for me. I was wondering if that could happen, it getting ripped off as I’m falling. That is a feeling I too would not want to experience. We leave tonight for Connecticut to visit family so I am about to go up again in about 20 mins.