Any Type 1's taking BusPar?

I just started 3 days ago (I still have my Xanax script but not taking too) and it does make me fuzzy.
Also hypo unaware which I have NEVER had before.
I have been told to give it a few weeks to work. I am taking .5 three times a day. Yesterday it was only 2.
Ok just asking. Prozac made me severely depressed.


Hi Stacy!
I have been on BuSpar for 2 years now…I take 20 mg before bed only. It is supposed to be relatively side-effect-free and I have had no problems at all with it (my blood sugars really are out of control, so I’m probably not a good reference for answering if it has any effect on blood sugar).
I have anxiety disorder and panic disorder so I take the Buspar for general anxiety, Paxil for panic and Xanax if needed. I don’t feel anything unless I take Xanax…then I feel calm. If I don’t take my Paxil for a day or two, I feel like crap. For me, this combo works well.
If you ever have any questions or want to talk, feel free to contact me. Good luck!

Thanks Julie. I have alot of surrounding life circumstances that can cause HIGH anxiety. I have also had the xanax for many years and do use it still on occasion but it does not stop the panic attacks like before a road or plane trip.
So I am hoping like my Lantus it will work in the background during the day. I am taking .5 in the morning and .5 after dinner. The script calls for 3x per day but that seemed to be heavy.
I have made a hard effort to try to stabilize this disease and with the CGM system it has helped alot.
Now I have to try to get me organized.
Thank you alot for your feedback.