What do you take for anxiety?

I am having severe anxiety problems after taking 4 months to gradually taper myself off of an addiction to Ativan/lorazepam. It was prescribed for me in 2016 when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (no symptoms) and I became his caregiver. It really helped with my anxiety during that very difficult time. He died in 2019 and I continued taking this med. Last Sept. 2021 it began to lose its’effectiveness.

I have a history of anxiety. In 1957, at age 9, I was diagnosed with diabetes; now 65 years with Type 1, insulin dependent and on a T2. Just this past week my psychiatrist suggested an OTC med.named Ashwagandha. The reviews on Amazon were over the top. My psychiatrist is concerned because one of the side effects is low blood sugars. Is anyone taking this med.? If so, is it effective for you and has it caused any dips in your readings?

I took it for a few days a year or two ago for it’s ability to increase energy and for a couple of other things. Unfortunately, I started having bright flashing lights in my vision and since it was the only thing new I was taking I stopped taking it and the flashing went away after about 12 hours but my eyes were super tired and sore for a couple of days. My experience seems to be unusual to the point of me not being able to find any other accounts of this happening but just be aware.

No low BG while I was on it and even if I did get lowers BG’s I would have lowered my basal and kept some snacks on hand if it was helping me.

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Have they tried you on an antidepressant and added Buspar? That’s a good combo for anxiety.
I have taken ashwagunda, low dose about 125 mg, and it didn’t lower my blood sugar. I think I felt calmer. Good luck to you.

Thank you for your prompt response. I’m 74 and been insulin-dependent for 65 years. Through the years I’ve tried possibly every antidepressant on the market including Buspar. Because of being diabetic and working and raising my son. I kept telling the psy’s. I was not depressed.

Finally in 1995 I was prescribed Valium which was a big help for 10 years. I’ve gone through a number of anxiety meds not on a trial basis; they would work for 4 to 5 years and lose their effectiveness. This is what happened with Ativan and now my psy says let’s try an OTC named Ashganadta which she has had good results with.

125 mg is an awfully low dose. I recall reading that the lower doses worked great with children with ADHD. I’m starting on 500 mg twice a day tomorrow. In truth, I’m going to try just one 500 mg a day at first to see if anything kicks in on half the dose.

Thank you for your input,

Good luck

Have you ever tried propranolol? SSRIs are as good at treating anxiety as they are depression, but given that you seem to like the benzos, which work by reducing physical arousal, I wonder if propranolol (a beta blocker with more effects on the brain) might be a fit. Anything that reduces sympathetic nervous system activation can reduce sensitivity to lows though, so if that’s a potential issue, probably important to pair with CGM use.

Not so good for me. It’s a beta blocker which has a hypertensive built in it. I take Midodrine for hypotension,.

Kathlyn1, how are you doing with your anxiety? I am wondering if you found anything to help? I hope that you are feeling better.

Type 1 dx 1959

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I’m curious too. I’ve suffered with anxiety for the last couple of years. I haven’t been offered any meds to treat it, which is fine, because I wish to avoid meds if possible. However, due to various issues, situations and just life itself, I need to try something. I guess therapy, yoga and exercise are options too.



Of course, easy for me to say.

I’m not on any psychoactive meds but take others like for cholesterol and blood pressure and anticoagulants which is plenty.

The only person who really understands anxiety. — or depression, for that matter — is the person with it.

And yes, I am a doctor.


At my store we used to suggest Passion Flower , Theanine or Kava. Kava has some warnings so do check that out before you try it. Kava was one of our best sellers and comes in a wide range of strengths.


Yes I know this is an old thread .

I’m wary of drugs for treating anxiety that doesn’t have a physical cause. But you have one - diabetes is known to be a cause of chronic stress and anxiety.

Having anxiety at a young age when you’re most vulnerable is understandable. Allowing it to continue into your adulthood is unfortunate. If anxiety is chronic it’s good’s to seek therapy. What you want is a therapy that addresses the cause not the symptom.

A drug for treating anxiety should only be a temporary relief used long enough so that you can address your fear. If you can’t start doing that in less than a month then you’re setting yourself up for a drug addiction.

The effect that a drug may have on your blood sugar should not be an issue if you’re expectng and monitoring it. It’s no different than going on vacation or changing your routine. Even daylight saving time affects your blood sugar.

Don’t worry about it or go looking for some exotic natural herbal alternative. Increase the frequency of your testing and compensate for it. For $5 you can buy a bottle of 50 glucose tablets and “take one as indicated”.

Anxiety is a feeling of helplessness, fear. The best relief for any stress is recognizing what is causing it and taking control of it. Doing something constructive about the problem, provides a sense of control and a focus. Writing down the problem and the step of action, even if that’s just research helps tremendously.

I don’t do drugs for stress. I’m even cautious about pain relievers because they don’t provide focused relief and they have many other effects. I will use an NSAID for temporary relief of pain due to an injury. I’ll use the lowest possible dose that gets the pain down to a level that I can handle, and reduces the inflammation.

But when I have mental distress I’ll do a mental exercize.

I think about what’s bothering me, visualize the cause as if it were a live thing, a monster. I tell it off and then imagine “slaying” it. That changes my state of mind to focused fear and anger. It creates a sense of power and determination. Then I relax. That clears my mind so I can analyse the problem deeper for a solution.

Sometimes the process of telling off the monster reveals the solution. That’s essentially what a psychologist tries to help you do.

I’ve imagined slaying monsters like unreasonable bosses a dozen times, my pancreas 1000 times, and then done something to change the situation.

This is addictive but it’s not destructive. It’s a constructive habit.

After having severe anxiety and panic attacks (in middle of night, the morning, and (!!!) while driving on the freeway), I finally bit the bullet and started using the Unwinding Anxiety App by Dr Jud Brewer. This was an absolute game changer for me. You can get the first few sessions free. Found it much more helpful when I was also reading the book as well, but it’s not necessary to get the book. Don’t expect a quick fix - I use it consistently every single day without fail and it constantly opens up new awareness week by week - but this has literally changed my life in untold positive ways
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I have moderate levels of anxiety, but they are often grounded in reality. Like when I’m sleeping alone I fear I’ll go low and no one will notice. So I don’t sleep well when I’m alone.
I also have anxiety my site will fail when I’m far from home. I worry my insulin will stop working when it’s hot outside. I worry when I travel that no one will sell me insulin outside the USA. ( thsts not grounded in reality and much and not really knowing) I haven’t had an emergency when away from home, but I think about it quite a lot.

I manage my anxiety with exercise, there is something magical about exercise.
Of course I don’t have the kind of anxiety that is debilitating. If I did, I would likely take meds

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I am not an overly anxious person, but stress is another matter. Exercise just drains stress away for me.

I feel much better when I am on anxiety/antidepressant medication. I struggle when we are having days of cloudy dark weather. COVID changed my life in a negative way ending many senior programs that I attended. Having less social interaction has been hard as we live in a small town. Plus I don’t drive. I love being outside Gardening is my life saver. Thanks Nancy50


I take 5 mg. Of Lexpro. Works great for me. I also am very active… sorry for the delay. I have been away on vacation. Nancy50


I have started daily exercise at the gym and I still have quite a bit of anxiety. I’m going to discuss it with my doctor at the next appointment.


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