Any Type 2 Pumpers out there?

I am a type2 who has been on MDI for 6 years. My doctor recently prescribed pump therapy for me. My problem is this; I have jumped through hoops for medicare-8 blood tests, 8 weeks of BG log entries,even contacted a US senator to put in a good word for me. It has been 9 weeks and I am kind of antsy about it. I have my doubts that medicare hS approved even ONE type 2 for a pump. I think they are only blowing smoke to avoid discrimination lawsuits. What do you think?

I’m not 100% sure but I think Medicare bases it on the c-peptide test. If that shows you still make your own insulin you’ll be denied. I think some T2s who have had it long enough to do serious damage to their beta cells (and therefore “pass” the c-peptide test) have been approved.

I assume that at least 1 of the blood tests you’ve had was the c-peptide. Do you know what the results were?

Liz, my c-peptide was 3.3 which is in the normal range. My nephrologist told me that a lower creatinine clearance result would push up the c-peptide result and give a false reading. I failed to mention I am in stage 3 of kidney failure, have PAD, and retinopathy…I don’t need an insulin pump…noooooooooo! (heavy sarcasm)

I won’t be eligible for Medicare for a long time yet (based on age and hopefully won’t qualify for any other reason!) so I don’t really pay attention to most of what I read. I do know that they rely heavily on the c-peptide and it looks like your results are what’s disqualifying you.

I will post this last rant and then I’ll quit bitching. It seems Medicare has NOT seen my case. the lady who does the billing for the Medicare supplier has taken it upon herself to not even send my case to them because of one test result-c-peptide. It appears that, even with kidney failure, that test result needs to come down 2 points before she will even submit my case to medicare for their consideration. I am simply another number to this lady and I am furious with this situation. All I am asking for is a better quality of life, for the life I have left. MY present quality of life is near zero. Is that too much to ask? I have 3 docs referring me for pump therapy to retard progression of the present complications I have. What other hoops shall I jump through?

I’m not type 2 but I was told that if my c-peptide came back showing I produced my own insulin that I would be denied. My endo said that they only cover type 1’s. I just recently went through medicare hoops to get my pump. I wish I could be of more help, and I wish you luck.