Government Double Standards

Okay, so everybody thinks all I do is ■■■■■. I have had my dreams of a better life-a better quality of life, shattered by Medicare and their rules and regulations. I was denied a pump, because my c-peptide result was 2 points too high. I looked up information on temporarily lowering this number and found out researchers are about to come out with a synthetic c-peptide that would be injectable on a daily basis. This therapy would be for type 1’s who produce NO c-peptide. Medicare wants type 2’s to be producing little to no c-peptide to qualify for insulin pump coverage. What the hell is this about???

There are other lab tests that can be done to qualify you for an insulin pump through Medicare. I spent 2 years fighting Medicare to get a pump. I started out with Animas and the rep I hadn’t didn’t know all the tests that could. I then tried Medtronic who is the one that finally got me approved. Ironically enough when I started it my c-peptide was to high as well. You can have a new c-peptide level drawn every 6 months to check to see if you can get it at the level Medicare wants. Your best bet to get your c-peptide level low is go in on a day when your fasting blood sugar is running around 80-100 and you haven’t had any insulin in 12 hours.

I appreciate the advice, Cody, Thank you.

i have got test and did pass i make no insulin they will cover me also covered by badger care check your county for help they all have a program like badger care try your health and social services office nearest to you.