Anybody have long covid?

Just curious.

I haven’t gotten covid yet. My work is testing like crazy and catches everybody pretty quick, but they are slowing down on all that now. I might get covid during upcoming travel.

Yes, me and my father who had so much damage he died.

You got it earlier than anyone. How are you feeling?

A type 2 who sat near me at work got it not all that long ago and he was hospitalized a long time. While sick, he lost is apartment and became homeless. When he came back to work, he did not look good. He lost a lot of his mobility and was far worse for wear. He wasn’t strong enough to walk to the bus, so I gave him rides down closer to the homeless shelter where he could more easily board the bus. He came in all beat up and I know he was getting robbed and assaulted in there. His head would be all bloody, like someone hit him over the head with something in order to steal his cell phone. Then, he just stopped coming in and I don’t know what happened to him. This covid thing was really, really bad for some people.

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Wow, so sorry he had that happen to him. No family to help him with the apartment etc.? That is awful. Protections were in place to protect against that.

I am ok but still have effects and there is no way to know what long term effects will be. . The Trauma of my father is the worst. I do have something like pstd from it.

Wear n95 everywhere etc. social distance, masks do work.

Me. I got COVID in Dec 2020, and have had long term effects ever since. Food doesnt taste right to me. Food that used to be my favorite taste like chemicals now, and nothing tastes right. Only exception is fresh fruit.

As a result, Ive lost about 35 pounds in the last 18 months. Ive read its a pretty common long term effect.

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One of my father’s docs had it and said she lost taste for coffee and chocolate. I did not have any taste effects. But still have worse asthma breathing troubles, heart damage, pain, exhaustion, mental fog and hair loss. The pain in my back / ribs oddly is worse when my bg crashes.

I hope your taste sense cones back.

That’s a lot of stuff, you two. Would you recommend people seek out specialists specific to that? Or, is it way too early and they don’t know anything yet? Stanford Medicine opens clinic for patients struggling with long COVID | News Center | Stanford Medicine

They need people for the long covid studies who have never gotten it. Maybe they will figure something out.

We hope you are interested in joining our study to better understand the long-term effects of COVID.

AT THIS TIME, the study is now only open to:

  • Acute (COVID within last 30 days)
  • Those that have never had COVID

Please call only if you fall under either of those categories.

Thank you,


I had covid in 2020 a very mild case and I lost my sense of smell for a few weeks. Then I got it again a few weeks ago but I was unsymptomatic except for I lost my sense of smell for about a week. But then everything returned to normal


I have not sought out specialists I was too busy trying to stop my father from being murdered after they infected him with Covid. To be honest with you I really doubt they’re gonna do anything to help me of course I had discussed it with my regular doctors when I go there but as usual they do almost nothing to help me in this issue or others.

Just had another Echo and the same things showed up that had not showed up before I had Covid- but Doc keeps saying it’s only very minimal so it’s nothing to worry about. This is the way it goes- things start changing and then after saying it’s nothing for a few years all of a sudden it gets bad and then youre ******:joy_cat::scream_cat:

But the fact remains none of that showed up on my echo before I had Covid. In addition to a lot of new heart symptoms. I had to go to the er/ hospital twice when I had double covid pneumonia both times had I severe pain and high blood pressure second time I also had sinus tachycardia. The first time I don’t know because the field hospital couldn’t test a lot of things.

I am on some medication for the palpitations now though so at least something was given for that.

I will check out that link but I am not going to travel anywhere.oh and I don’t fit those categories anyway :joy_cat:

I kinda doubt there’s much they can do now, too. I wanna volunteer for their study participants who haven’t had it yet. Maybe that helps somehow.

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The “protections in place” are backed up with tons of applicants, outdated processing systems, and too few people to process the paperwork. Landlord-tenant courts have also been slow to resume, so there’s a backlog there as well. What probably happened is that when he was in the hospital, he was unable to contact his landlord and the landlord thought he had abandoned the apartment (this is something that occasionally happens outside of COVID, and the landlord has the legal right to regain access to the unit, clean it, and re-lease it).

Scary that the system is so terrible that this could happen at all.

I am sorry about your father’s passing. Prayers to u and ur family.


I had covid Dec 2020. Went the full 10 days with a temp, cough, exhaustion, extettera. Cough lasted a month to 6 weeks after. I’ve been exhausted and have had to nap up to this spring. Issues with hot and cold flashes. Any type of exercise including cleaning the house was exhausting. My blood sugars went thru the roof. Some days I was taking about 200 units a day. I’ve talked to my gp, and my endo about my symptoms and they just pretty much shrugged their shoulders. As summer started this year I’m finally able to not nap most days. I’m getting my stamina back. I still take a lot of insulin but less than I was. I’m hoping I’m finally getting over this.
I’ve never been officially diagnosed with long covid but I feel that’s the cause of my issues.


Thank you :hugs: