I have read that a lot of people have no blood sugar effect with COVID but I’m wondering those who have recovered from COVID and had high blood sugar, how long did it take to return to normal? I’m currently 6 days into symptoms and needing higher and higher amounts for both basal and bolus just to maintain 180-200.

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I’m type 2,on a pump. From 1st symptoms and positive test high insulin resistance for about 30 days 2 weeks I was using 1/3 higher tdd just to keep from blowing through 180. The last 2 weeks gradually improved. I’m close to normal now.

I mentioned that I’m type 2 because insulin resistance is our problem. For type 1s who aren’t double diabetics, this may not be an issue.

I had 2 Moderna shots, 2 booster shots and still got Covid that lasted only 5 days taking Paxlovid. What you may want to disclose is if what and how much you ate or changes in exercise routine may have affected your BG to an equal or much greater extent than Covid. Were you fully vaxed and boosted?

My BG went up about 15%-20% during my short Covid stint but then came back to normal within 2-3 days after Covid. Not sure this helps but since we are all so different, with different experiences, diets, medications, exercise, and Covid shots and treatments, you may not easily get the answer you are looking for.


During the worst day, I didn’t eat much and no real exercise. After a few days I ate my usual meals totaling 114 g carbs, increased pre meal bonuses which were slow to work and BG was quickly elevated by 2 hours postprandial requiring correction bolus.

I did not change basal rate, but I thought about it.

BTW the 3 Moderna shots cause about 5 days of less severe insulin resistance.

Well since I’ve posted this yesterday I have been without a fever for 24 hours now and have already reduced my 200% temp basal I’d been on for the last 5 days, so I think, I hope I’m making progress and this is the start of the end.


I had c double pneumonia at the start, and I am a long hauler now with heart damage. My bg was crashing badly for the entire first 4 weeks or so, I had to drink juice and eat a lot. I can’t remember when that effect stopped. I had terrible pain with the pneumonia in my right shoulder blade and into the middle of my back etc. in my ribs and trouble breathing etc. It got better eventually with pt but never really went away and when my blood sugar crashes that is a sign for me- I start to get that pain in my back again.


I just tested Covid positive on Tuesday this week so I’m on day 4. Haven’t had any blood sugar challenges at all, it’s been just as it was for the last 5 yrs or so. I’m T1D for 51 yrs and am on very low doses of insulin - maybe 12-14 units of Fiasp per day with an Omnipod and Dexcom. But I just got a kinda bad headache and I never get those. Hope it doesn’t last, wish me luck please. I hope all do well with this bastard of a virus.


Keep the faith - This virus along with its variants appear to be the new normal and life must go on. If we treat this virus with respect and with the tools of our modern medicine at our disposal, we will not only cope, but in time we will prevail!!! Hope you feel better very soon.


Yes, I do agree. Probably have another week if this for sure. Until the headache this morning I just had a stuffy head and nose and am just not feeling quite right. And I’m quite tired too. Got 0 hrs sleep last night and then my Dexcom blasted me away with a ‘sensor problem’ notification at 4:30 this morning. And I wanted to sleep longer so much, still do. Now I have to change my Dexcom too as it expires at 8 am. Oh my, life problems! :upside_down_face:


And thank you so much, I sure hope I feel better too! :heart:

Oh no, I’m so sorry @meee. I took Paxlovid and my recovery is going okay now. It wasn’t easy to find here in Alberta but my doc got some to me. Very grateful for that. Have you seen a doc for all of this you’re experiencing? I hope so, that cannot be easy for you.


I am finally on the mend with some noticeable but not yet consistent decreases in insulin needs. Still carrying some of the fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, no appetite. I’m guessing as I continue to improve the blood sugars will as well. I always want that quick fix for the high’s but I think it is just going to be time.


I had it around Memorial Day (end of May) and had high BG for 3 or maybe 4 days. I thought I was having site failures until I tested positive. Paxlovid helped a lot and I didn’t have symptoms after 3-4 days.

Honestly, it was pretty similar to post-op surgery where they gave me a steroid. Sometimes you just have to add 3-4 units on top of what you would normally bolus to keep things down the 200% basal is probably a good thing to do until you get back under control. I mostly disable that overnight but if you have CGM and alarms and glucose nearby it should be fine either way.

Are you less physically active since you have been sick with Covid? If so, that alone could cause your sugars to rise since exercise lowers sugars.

I am glad you got pavloxid And you’re feeling better. I have talked to my doctor who was treating me when I had it, all video then- I had it in the very beginning of the pandemic from my students, and I had to go for physical therapy for the back and rib pain eventually, and I told others after- but I haven’t gone to anyone since because my father was infected by a hospital emergency room dec 2021 and then we were taking care of him nonstop through that time we have 10 hospitalizations before his death which was really a murder.

But I distinctly remember blood sugar crashing nonstop while I had it, for 4 weeks or more, it was scary, and I had to keep eating and drinking juice pretty much all the time- not easy to do when you’re in pain with double c pneumonia etc. I just remember trying to take deep breaths and felt like I had a big tight band around my whole chest and torso. I consider myself lucky that I survived because then there really was almost no treatment. I don’t want to ever go through that again.

I was also doing breathing exercises that an English doctor posted online but that was making the pain even worse so eventually I stopped doing that. I also went for walks with a mask on when no one was around because someone told me her mother had had it in the beginning in California. Her mother was in her 80s. And her doctor told her to keep doing her walks so she went with her on her walks- she did end up having to be hospitalized at the end but she survived.

Another thing I recommend is everybody should have a pulse ox on hand because I had to monitor my pulse ox and my blood pressure the whole time. I was seeing my doctor on video appointments three times a week at least. Sometimes my pulse ox went low while I was asleep but it would come back up rapidly. I also was at the hospital er twice. First time for diagnosis at the field hospital I post a picture of that here. And second time when I was not getting better and I had worse pain and sinus tachycardia and High blood pressure.

Fortunately I had some Zpac at home which I always have on hand and when I started to get the terrible pain and was suspicious I had pneumonia I started on that and I credit that was helping you survive. Also I took high levels of vitamin C vitamin D and zinc. Another thing that helped me tremendously through about three months of severe pain was lidocaine patches I don’t think I could’ve survived without those.

The best thing you can do is to mask everywhere with n95, get all your vaccinations and do not expose yourself. Even if you have a mild case you can end up with heart damage like me.

After everything my family has been through we are still asking everywhere and social distancing and we will continue to do that until it is truly safe.

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Oh no, that’s sounds like it’s been so difficult for you. And your family too, it’s harder for us to heal when we face such loss so close to us. The nurse practitioner who helps me with my diabetes etc. was very helpful. On the 2nd day I started having trouble with my breathing, could barely get a full breath into my lungs and it hurt. She told me to lie on my stomach and try to breath deeply, that did seem to help quite a bit. After doing that for 1 hr 15 minutes the pain and breathing problems passed. I’m quite lucky as I have very few problems outside of my T1D and am able to walk a fair bit every day, about 4 miles or so. The nurse practitioner has really been helpful for my issues. As for getting the Paxlovid, it’s so unfortunate you’re were not able to get some as it made such a difference for my Covid. And yes, - I’m vaccinated 4 times with Pfizer, got my last dose in California when I was there helping my brother with my Mom (she’s 89 with some moderate dementia) and I think that may have been a strong factor in my recovery. And yes, I mask absolutely everywhere with KN95 - the best mask I could find. I’m still testing negative but always go out for groceries etc fully masked, was double masking for a while there cause there’s lots of elderly at the local grocer we go to. I also take 1000 mg Vit C every day with Rutin, a fair bit of D3 and K2 for absorption (had psoriasis just terribly last year, these vitamins help with that too).
I’ve read many researchers are really focusing on the long covid problems as it is causing so many people so much trouble. I so, so hope something is devised that can help you @meee My heart goes out to you and your family. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thanks. I had it in the very beginning so there was no pavloxid etc. then. There were some antivirals that helped people early on but hardly anyone got them and some docs claimed / said they didn’t work but I read an account by one woman who had it in the beginning that she recovered in two days after getting one of them, I forgot the name of it now.

I tried laying on my stomach I could not breathe at all that way, it was awful and the pain was a lot worse, the only way I could be semi-comfortable was with 5 pillows behind me and sleep on my back raised up- every other position I couldn’t breathe and I had to be on painkillers and patches all the time.

I’m glad you are still being very cautious I’m glad your mom was an inspiration in your recovery.

Yes, I still mask up when am in a busy store of any kind. Understand this thread is very old but I really hope things have improved for you meee.

I am sitting here outside my favorite Starbucks reading emails and finally checking in with all of you guys. Been unplugged for a long while.
And I saw this title and thought “Wow, I was just thinking about no more masks starting today!” And now I am thinking maybe not?! I have been wearing a mask everyday at work and whenever I am inside anywhere. I haven’t stopped doing things. Going to concerts, going to sporting events, going to movies. I eat out where is outside seating. I am out and about town. But have been thinking after almost 3 years of mask wearing and 5 vaccines, I should be ready to move on. I just have a hard time with the fact that I was told I would never make it past 30 and I feel so happy that the diabetes has not done me in but that this stupid virus could!
But I guess I should be thinking about have great those extra 30+ years I never thought I’d have and continue to enjoy everyday.


I stopped masking when he mandates were removed.
I had Covid and it wasn’t that severe because I had the vaccine.
I also had the antibodies right at the start, so it’s possible I had it twice.
Everyone reacts differently. But let’s remember. The masks were never intended to protect the mask wearer.
They were intended to slow down the spread by protecting people around us in case we had an infection that had no symptoms.
Now that the hospitals are not overwhelmed, that big risk is gone. It was assumed from the very start that everyone will get it eventually. We just didn’t want everyone to get it at one time.
I feel safe with the vaccine and I generally don’t go to crowded places, but only because I don’t like crowded places.

That being said, do what makes you feel good and secure