Anyone else have this issue with their feet?

I am experiencing dry, peeling skin around my toes on one of my feet and was wondering if anyone else experienced this? The skin is not breaking open in any way and there is no pain or itchiness. There is no open wound or anything. I still have 98% sensation in my feet per the neurologist this year so I can say that I feel confident in saying there is no pain in the foot. I have an appointment with the endo in a couple of weeks and I will of course show her if it is still happening. I just got my recent a1c and it is still a 5.8 so this isn’t about my numbers being up. Any ideas on what this could be and what I could try at home? I worry if they get too dry the skin will split open, yuck!

Wonder if this is psoriasis. PWD are prone to psoriasis. We’re so lucky on so many fronts. I didn’t even know I had it until my endo mentioned my dry elbows, which don’t itch either. Hey, I thought most people had dry elbows, not that I’m checking out people’s elbows:)

Great A1c–congrats!

I use olive oil or coconut oil on my feet (& elbows). Works great & better than creams.

funny, i’m having the same issue. it just looks like my feet are gross and super dry, but no pain either. i put lotion on it in the morning but by the time i get home, it’s dry again. i need to try my cocoa butter again.

good luck suzanne! let us know what your doc says. =)

I will let you guys know what the doc says. The skin is gross looking to me and I will be skipping wearing sandals till I get a solution/answer :slight_smile:

Yes! I have this…on one foot only. The skin around my toes and sometimes the bottom of my feet peels.

Curious what your doc will say!

Hi Suzanne!

I am sure you know all the tips to protect your feet.
It is a good sign there are no cracks, open wounds or unusual pain.
My twin sister uses Eucerin cream on her foot 2 X’s per day everyday.
Smooth the cream all over your foot but not between your toes. Keep this area dry.
I’m sure you know any changes at all go right to your podiatrist or the Dr. you trust.

I don’t have this issue. I did have flaky and burning on my hands though. My dr recommended a cream called Look Ma New Hands. You can buy it at Bath and Body Shop. I used it on my feet when they get dry and works really well!

Some of us have feet that don’t sweat much. That sounds great, but that slight moistness keeps the soles from drying out. I use Gold Bond Foot Cream at night and have like it very much.


Thanks for the reminder about no lotion between the toes and general foot care…do you know why they tell us not to put lotion between the toes? If you go to the store there are all kinds of diabetic foot lotions for sale and I would think that many people don’t know they aren’t supposed to put lotion between the toes…

Hi All:

I used to have really wet and stinky feet until I had my medical “accident” in '04. Now they are dry and non-smelly!! I have had a number of times when my feet peel. Not only the bottom and sides, but the tops. One day when I was hospitalized, the aide noticed my dry feet. She put the lotion the hospital uses on my feet and put on socks. I kept them on a few days and, when I took them off, my feet were really soft and no longer white. The stuff is made by ConvaTec and is called Aloe Vesta #2 moisturizer. I think the key was in keeping the heavy socks on for a while so that it sank in.

The company is located in Princeton, NJ. Their number is 800-422-8811. I actually get it in the hospital pharmacy. Here, it is carried by the Aurora system hospitals.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I will have to check this stuff out when I can afford it. I always put socks on after putting lotion on so it is good to hear I was doing something right :slight_smile:

suzanne you are definitely not alone in this. my feet have been dry for years now, even before i was diagnosed. i guess my feet are just that way. my feet have gotten a lot better tho since they made such a big deal about it when i was in the hospital. i put eucerin on them before i got to sleep and put some socks on to help the cream soak in. hope this helps! =]

I agree! It is worth it and it really works.Important to keep your feet in very good condition.


Try lubriderm. It works very well on my feet for this issue. It was also suggested by the local dermatologist. I think it works better twice per day, but I only use it once per day, it drives the nuts when I complain about it not working. I love that. LOL


not sweating is a nasty little side effect of diabetes. With the lack of sweat the feet no longer stink so much but the pores are also not opened and flexed. While nto a terribile thing, it is not a good thing either.


OK, I got an answer from a doctor today. I went to the dermatologist for something not related to diabetes and I thought “hey, I can ask her what is going on with my toes” She took a look and I so grossed out at the answer, I have good old standard athlete’s foot. I told her it didn’t itch at all and she said some folks don’t itch, especially diabetics since we are prone to fungal infections and our body gets used to them. So she sent me home with a RX for some cream and suggested that once it is cleared up that I keep my feet good and moisturized. She said that high sugars and dry skin are a perfect combo to make the fungus grow. Even a single high sugar can set you up for it if your feet are dry to begin with. So if you have some peeley skin on the feet and toes, go get some over the counter cream or spray and try to nip the issue in the bud. If you feet are just dry, moisturize daily.

Thanks for all the input from the group on this one!

I am glad your Dr. took very good care of you!