Dry, cracked feet

I know this might be TMI, but I know feet/neuropathy are a huge concern for us. I do a lot of yoga obviously barefoot, and lately my feet have been so dry and cracker. My endo even pointed out, "I know you are pumicing and stuff." Anyone else have this issue and any product/care that you can recommend. Should I not be getting pedicures?

Lots of high level moisturizer(eucerin or Moo, my new favorite) daily at bedtime and covered by socks. Any kind of nylon stockings will increase the dryness. Cotton works great and help soften the skin.

I also find a pedicure is extremely helpful---just no razor removal of callouses. Pedis are really helpful. I just slather and sock up and sleep well.

Neutrogena Foot Cream.

Emu oil! My feet have been so dry that I've had heel fissures. I used glycerin/petroleum-based products like Eucerin for a long time. They are a coating--you need actual moisture in the first place. I found emu oil for a few bucks at WalMart and it's awesome!

Olive oil (as per Dr. Bernstein). It really soaks in and does the job. I swear by it.

Cheers, Mike

My mother was diabetic and suffered with this, many horrible memories of me having to sand her feet down once a footnight for my pocket money ha ha ha! Urgh!

Olive oil, or vitamin E, nut oils work best.

So glad you started this discussion, Deannan. I have this problem too, and I'm going to try some of these suggestions. I sporadically use a moisturizer with shea butter on my feet when I get out of the shower, but sporadically doesn't seem to be cutting it. I'm reluctant to sleep in socks, though. Since my dx, all socks seem to cut off the circulation in my ankles. Even soft slipper socks leave marks on my ankles or calves.

Stop going barefoot and 99% of your problems will be solved...I know it's a bummer but it works. I had cracked heals every year...stopped wearing flip/flops...no more cracked heals. I had a family member who had a ulcer on his foot, they tried treating it with steam cells and it was working but he died in the hospital in his sleep from low blood sugar. It has been 4 years and I still get emotional when I think about how senseless it was.

I make my own foot balm. 3/4 cup olive oil and one ounce by weight of cocoa butter. I warm the olive oil just enough to melt the cocoa butter. Light olive oil works best because it is less aromatic. After removing from heat, I add in a little peppermint oil for scent.

So I’ve splurged and every night have applied Butter’s stiletto balm which is a whopping 30 bucks, but it’s helping. I did a philosophy peppermint foot scrub and am waiting for a tweezers an pumice. They still were a little sensitive in kickboxing yesterday, but I have succumbed that nightly foot hygiene is imperative. I got scared as they bothered me when I worked out. I am like no my sugar is under control it can’t be neuropathy. That being said my endo has pointed out how dried and cracked they are and heeded warning. It came to a head in sensitivity and pain,hence this thread.

Sorry tweezerman pumice not tweezers

For Yoga have you tried grippy toe socks? Haven't tried them myself yet though hear they work well. There's a shop in Sellwood called Sock Dreams. They sell em and everything else foot, leg, and arm related plus more..laugh.

I haven’t tried them yet, but guess where I live - Sellwood and have been there with my Chinook coupon. I just like being bare and to the mat/ground w yoga.

I do have to admit since I used that tweezerman pummice, things have gotten 90% better.