Anyone else think this is dangerous?

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"I know it's convenient to be able to use your meter for boluses as well, but doesn't this seem a little dangerous? Also why would you need to be 10 ft away from your pump and still be bolusing? I would worry about..."


Well…I leave my meter on my desk (in our dining room) and I often test/bolus while I am making meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, after-school snacks, etc)… so for me to go test and bolus takes 20 seconds, but I don’t necessarily need or want to be “stuck” next to the remote waiting for the bolus to finish… not particularly helpful when one is cooking!

There is an alarm you can set so that you’re “notified” if you are receiving a remote bolus from the pump. I have this on, mostly as a confirmation that it went though… so if someone else got ahold of my pump remote and dialed in a massive bolus, I’d definitely know about it and I would be able to cancel it from the pump (just hit any button - it’s easy)

I don’t think it’s as dangerous as you’re making it out to be - perhaps if you don’t keep track of your meter/remote very well, but I’ve had my ping system for a year and a half and while my kids HAVE taken my meter a few times when I wasn’t paying attention, they’ve yet to actually do anything more than leave it somewhere I can’t find it easily. I’ve done that too though…

True. I just find it interesting for the 10 ft range. I can see where it would be helpful. I have mine set up for alarm too, but I don’t think I would have time to stop it/detach the insert before significant amount were in.

Well, I think they use the 10ft range as more of a selling point because that just happens to be how far it is, not that you always NEED 10 feet :slight_smile:

However, I can say that I’ve had the meter lose connection even when the meter is sitting on my lap, but it can often bolus from 15+ feet away when I’m in the kitchen… so it’s a little inconsistent.

While I agree that it COULD be potentially dangerous anyone who has not been taught to use the meter remote would be unlikely to navigate through to giving you a bolus before you notice someone is messing with your meter/remote.

You know someone who would do this at like a party? Wow. I guess I would be careful about who you are inviting to a party and/or be careful about where you put the meter.

Accidental? Unlikely. Just about as likely as you rolling over on your pump while you sleep and giving a bolus.

Kids? I have actually let my kids wear old pumps (they like to be like Daddy. They do not see/understand the dark side of DM). What I notice is when the give a “bolus” (let me preface- it is just air and the catheter is not inside them) they are unlikely to take the time to punch in a number much over .3 unit.