Anyone ever get a massage?

I was given a gift certificate for a swedish massage and I made an appointment for this Saturday for an hour long one. I know its YDMV, but if you’ve had one, did your BS go up or down? Did you leave your pump hooked up, or take it off?

It didn’t do anything to my BG. I left my pump on, which was kind of awkward when I had to turn over, but not too bad. The part I hated was when she was touching my feet and lower legs because they’re hyper-sensitive. I had to concentrate on not kicking her, so that part wasn’t so relaxing.

I am a certified massage therapist, but not practicing (too hard on my wrists). I love massage in every way, shape or form.
First, remember that you are the consumer and have every right to dictate what you would or would not like done. If something is too deep, say so. If you’d like more pressure, say so. The objective is to become relaxed. Typically Swedish massage is sort of deep and intense, so be sure to discuss this with the therapist.
Most therapists will have a brief chat before you get started so you can also discuss the pump situation.
I would guess that if your bg is going to really move, it might be down, from the relaxation. Maybe you should bring some juice, just to have on hand. Also, if vigorous massage is done right over an area where you just injected, it could cause the insulin to get into your blood stream faster. But with an infusion site in place that will not happen.
Oh gosh, you are making me crave one right now!! What a nice gift.

I get a massage once a month & would do it more often if I could afford it. It always makes my BG go down. I have to eat a snack before I go. Not only does it lower my BG immediately after, but it keeps it low/normal for the whole day. The wonderful woman who works on me does Thai, acupressure, reflexology & a lot of other types & combos, but not Swedish. My session is usually 1.25-1.5 hours. I leave there so happy & relaxed.

Sorry, not a pumper so can’t answer this part.

Enjoy your massage!