i got a deep tissue massage today and it was wonderful. i’ve been told in the past that massages can be a good tool for diabetics to aid in bettering bad circulation or in my case (i have no circulation problems) to keep them away. i always make sure they know i’m diabetic and i always make sure i’m aware of what my bs is before going in and eat if necessary. does anyone here get a massage on a regular basis to help with circulation?? have you seen it have any effects on your bs numbers??

I am a certified massage therapist - not practicing anymore because it is very hard work!!
I think anything that causes the body to relax is good for one’s health. And yes, you whould be on the look out for hypos both during and for several hours after the massage.
One think that people seldom recognize is that for those of us taking injections, massage over the injection site can cause the insulin to be absorbed way more rapidly than usual. So that could be a double whammy as far as going low. If you were a couple hours out from a pre-meal bolus, the effects would be less.
So, be aware, be sure the provider knows you take insulin, have some rapid acting glucose in the room with you, and enjoy.

i always tell them not to massage my injection areas because they tend to be a little tender anyway.

I’m not sure what a massage has done for my blood sugars, but I know I’m about as relaxed as I can be. I probably shouldn’t drive either

haha yeah driving tends to be difficult. the spa i go to invites me to hang out on their comfy couch until i wake up a little :slight_smile:

I get a massage every 3-4 weeks—aaaahhh is right! I’d go more often if I could afford it.

Massage lowers my BG. I have a small protein snack before because I’ve gone way low.

Okay…I have not had a massage in many many years! I must treat myself sometime soon. I love them!! I think I remember how wonderful they are :slight_smile: Never went low after one. I will keep that in mind.

aahhh massages…I love them. Did I say i love them? LOL. Pamper myself maybe once a month. I dont think it affects my numbers (or probably didnt care…heehee)

I’ve been going to a reflexologist about once a month for the past three months. Relaxing - you bet. Haven’t noticed any affect on my BS, though.


what does a reflexologist do??