Anyone ever watch the movie steel magnolias ( where Julia Roberts plays a diabetic

I agree, it was actually fairly appropriate for the time in which the movie is set… which seems to be the 70’s. So if you consider what the standard of care was 30-35 years ago, yeah, it was nothing like what we have now.

I’ve had plenty of hypos in the 30 range (more common when I was still on NPH) and I’ve never experienced anything like what the movie depicts, however I do know that is NOT the case for everyone.

Steel Magnolias certainly ranks up there with the chick flicks of the late 80’s including Thelma and Louise, When Harry Met Sally, and (worst of all) Beaches. Oh, god. Beaches was unbearable. I wish I could have had a severe hypo and convulsions and passed out during it.

I guess I should be embarrassed to admit I like the movie! The funeral scene where Sally Fields as the mother asks, “why, Why. WHY?” stood out for me even before my dx.

I only have a vague recollection of the hypo part but I vaguely remember it seemed sort of decent, like the psylocibin scene in Michael Hutchence vehicle “Dogs in Space” that I saw around the same time? The part that bothered me was that she was seemingly in the huge party and nobody noticed. Which, come to think of it, is not entirely unusual in my experience either. I was dx’ed in 1984 and the meter was presented as “a new thing” so I figure the movie predates meters and I think that severe complications while not guaranteed, were considerably more common in that era? Although there are plenty of survivors here who seem to be pretty lively?

Yeah, I remember as a kid anytime I went somewhere that suite case side bag was needed to hold the testing supplies. The first lancet device would go so deep in the fingers that you always need band-aids to stop the bleeding and the ones they used at the Doctors office were basically razor-blades that cut your finger off, well, almost felt like it.

I hated that movie. It came out in the late 80’s about 5 years after I was dx. Everyone of my mom’s friends would always bring it up to me as a kid. I even had a few girlfriends then that made me watch it with them. It also screwed up a few relationships because most people thought that is how we really are.