Anyone From San Diego?

Hello Southern California PWD! I am a PWD and work in research we have a couple clinical trials coming up and wanted to know if anyone was interested. Both are device studies and can be for people with type one or type two. Please let me know if your interested. I can give you more details!

Hey Megan, I’m in San Diego as well. Maybe interested, not sure, a lot going on right now. Send me a message with more details.


Hi Michael,
Sorry for the delay… thanks for showing an interest. We always have several different clincial trials going on…it could be device studies or pharma studies. Right now we actually have both going on. Let me know if you would be interested or if you know anyone else in san diego with type one or type two would might be interested. Let me know! The compensation isn’t bad:) we are located in North County!

Have you posted in the Southern Cali Group?