Scripps, La Jolla

Is there anyone who lives in San Diego and goes to the Scripps, La Jolla Type 1 Diabetes Center? If so, any recommendations for an endo, as I'm moving to SD end of month. THANKS!

If you are talking about Scripps Whittier, Daniel Einhorn - absolutely awesome and super knowledgeable and up to date. Wish he was here in Portland.

You should also take advantage of the fact that John Walsh is based in San Diego as is TCOYD - the best conferences for PWD's there is. Check out their website. if you are a pumper, check out the San Diego Inulin Pumpers group. While I never felt comfortable (like I fit) in San Diego - lived there for close to 50 years - I am east coast/upper Midwest/Euro girl, it is a great place to live if you have type 1.

Oh and other guy based in San Diego Bill Polonsky.

OMG, thank you so much. Yes....Whittier but there's the Diabetes Center and then the Endo I'm supposed to see is in La Jolla at Scripps. What is TCOYD? There's also a Diabetes Institute too, which helps with the emotional support of type 1. I'm not really a west coast gal either, I'd prefer New York, east coast..but this is where I'm headed...sunshine can't be a bad thing.:) wish you were still there, we could meet? THANKS!

I believe the Whittier Diabetes Institute is on the Scripps campus - but I'm not sure. It may be that the Whittier does more research and the Scripps Diabetes center is more clinical work. Anyway TCPYD is Taking Control of Your Diabetes. Check out their website at It was started by Steve Edelman, an MD with type 1. At first his goal was to educate the medical community - but soon realized there was more value (and probably more success) educating PWD's. They have these conferences throughout the year all over the country, but their flagship conference is in San Diego where they are based. It is usually in late October or November. Check out the conferences on their website, you will be very impressed with the agenda. Lots of stuff for people with type 1. While in San Diego, I went every year for about 10 years. All the vendors are there, it is great.I went to the ADA expos after leaving San Diego - very disappointed - I am not a newbie with type 2 who needs to lose weight. I consider myself as having a PhD in living with D.

Thanks so much! I'm actually looking forward to the care in SD, Scripps - Whittier apparently have some of the best type 1 care in the country. there's this too, Bill Polonsky co-founder. Nice to see a place which deals with the emotional impact of this nasty t1. thank you so much for the info.

That's Bill Polonsky's organization. I worked with them as a mentor. John Walsh's Diabetes Mall ( is in San Diego as well. BYW where are you moving from? And what brings you to San Diego?

WOW..that's great. Seattle but I went to college in and to be closer to my family and hopefully get some better care...i've been struggling for a long time and it just keeps getting worse..ugh. I just want to be closer to my family and hopefully i can restart on a pump and feel comfortable about it. Dexcom is in san diego, too. Seriously, the type 1 stuff available there is fantastic.

If you want to start back on the pump, get in touch with the San Diego Pumpers Group. I don't recall their email or anything, but I know Einhorn is in touch with them. And at least you have contacts in San Diego already. The hardest thing about moving to Portland is not know who to call: plumbers, electricians, vets (for our three pugs, and of course Endos. I've regaled everyone here on TuD with my hassles with Endos (one thinking that having non-D bg's is okay! Not!)