Anyone have diabetes caused by being on a medication like zyprexa?


No one in my family is diabetic and I wasn’t diabetic until about 4 years ago. I had a psychologist decide to put me on zyprexa and within 3 months of being on it I was diagnosed with diabetes. This was before Eli Lilly put the warning label on the medication. I am currently waiting to hear back from my lawyers on how much settlement money I am getting. Anyone that has been diagnosed with diabetes from a medication needs to contact a lawyer soon, this is the last year for lawsuits on most of the medications, I do know seraquel is another one that causes diabetes.


KINDA, sorta, maybe. I was put on Cymbalta - another charming Eli Lilly medication. I had asked for something after my Dad died… and Zoloft didn’t help much. I was unaware that several people in my family had been diagnosed recently with Bipolar II disorders. And you don’t give anti-depressants to Bipolar people. The Cymbalta works on not one, but TWO of the neurotransmitters in the brain at once (great huh?). So, when it didn’t work, the family medicine guy (Oh yeah, just who should be handing out this stuff, right?) doubled the dose! By the time that my cousin called me and let me know that she had been diagnosed as Bipolar & clued me in and I thought to check it out - I had gained 50 pounds in 5 months! I was incredibly depressed - had not been out of the house in ages. In getting off it - I had withdrawal seizures - it took weeks to get me off it! Turns out I had been a “mild” case of Bipolar all my life, NOW I’m a “rapid cycler” all thanks to Eli Lily’s wonder drug Cymbalta - luckily my family knew that Topomax at high doses works for us (and also curbs appetite). BUT, with the weight gain, they found my A1c was 7.3 and my blood sugar was 170 - my triglycerides were very high and I was diagnosed a Type II Diabetic. Was I headed there before the Cymbalta? Maybe - I’m not sure - but the weight gain sure as hell didn’t help a damn bit & I am not happy about it! There’s quite a few people who’ve had problems with with Lilly’s psych meds - we aren’t the only ones, Cody. Good luck pursuing a case, I think a class action is pending on some of these, too.


I already know my case is settling. My law firm contacted me last month and told me it would be settling sometime this month. So at least Eli Lilly is giving me something for waht they did


Good - I’m glad! Those drug companies should PAY! Perhaps I should talk to an attorney too, you give me motivation, good for you!