Anyone Know a good Roofer, I Need Some Shingles fixed

Anyone Know a good Roofer,
I Need Some Shingles fixed

As I wrote on Monday, it was not my intent to write a blog today. I was scheduled and ready to have the second of two infusions yesterday morning. All was going according to plan until I woke up with open sores and the fluid running down my face. When I did wake up it was dark in the room but I knew instantly where the wetness on my face had come from. It was more blisters.

So let’s back up a bit, see for a few days I have been fighting a persistent bout of acne on the back of my neck. As you might suspect something like that is a little unbalancing. What is this I asked to no one in particular? (secret song lyric) Well not surprising I suppose, this was not the first time I asked questions to no one in particular. Actually I am rather good about asking silly questions and getting obviously ridiculous answers.

This particular silly question was if something more serious might be wrong? You see over the last few days something was causing very painful very sore areas. I mean this stuff really hurt. It started on the left side of my face then the back of my neck I figured in each case I had some kind of ridiculous acne outbreak. Sometimes that happens after an infusion. I get rapidly advancing acne that comes up and then goes away. However what started on Friday was different. It was rapidly acting, but it scabbed over and hurt terribly bad after a blister ruptured.

All of this resulted in a bad feeling about the infusion so I was concerned enough to get up and I went to the computer where it was clear in fairly short order that this was different. At 5:30 I called my rheumatologist for a consultation before the treatment and by 9:00 AM I was visiting with the doctor. It was true; I have shingles and unfortunately not the kind that requires a contractor.

Now I don’t have a bad case. The rash is minor and caught early but still at least for a few (3 to be exact) weeks I cannot have an immno-suppressant infusion like for instance Rituxan. When I got home I started investigating some facts about shingles, I found some interesting issues, here is a bit of a recap:

1. You cannot transmit shingles. What you can transmit is chickenpox. It is the fluid inside the blisters that carry and can transmit the chickenpox if a person is susceptible.

2. Shingles usually form in a band around the torso, they usually form around the chest in a band or around the stomach area. You can have facial shingles and they are different if you have them on your face area. For some reason if you have them on your face you are less likely to have a second outbreak.

3. Shingles can infiltrate internal areas of your body. These include the mouth, nose, ear canal, eyes and there are some gruesome pictures on the web of tongue infections. Obviously facial shingles are more likely to spread to these body cavities.

4. If the ear canal is attacked it can cause hearing loss. That was fascinating to me.

5. Everyone who has had chickenpox has the potential of shingles. The infection remains with you for a life time. In my case it was likely that the immuno- suppressants allowed it to come break out. However, it could have happened any time.

6. They prescribe a strong antiviral drug to combat the outbreak.

7. Oh and so you know they are incredibly painful.

Here is a good web site from the CDC about shingles:
I used the above white paper to get some facts for this writing.

One more thing there is a vaccine. It is recommended that all people age 60 and above have the vaccine. The CDC does suggest the vaccine for high risk groups, like diabetics who are above age 55 or based on your doctor’s recommendation. The issue may be more about your insurance than a medical need. Many insurance plans do not cover Shingles below age 60. Again that is dependent on your plan. So if your doctor advises you to get it find out the insurance issues before vaccination.

Finally if you are undecided about getting it or not you should know that living with it for a few days I would do most anything to get the vaccine. If you can get it you will save yourself one of the worst experiences I have ever had.

Yuck, call the roofer, I some need shingles fixed, pronto.



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thanks Shoshana LOL

Get well soon. Shingles is truly horrid.

Bad Ouch!! I feel for you Rick. :( How old were you when you got the Chicken Pox? That's too bad you had to miss your infusion but I agree there. I had to miss 2 infusions for 2 other infections.

I got Chicken Pox when I was 6 months old(only 6 pox). Then a mild case of Shingles at age 16. I got it again severely about a month after my youngest Brother died in 2005. I knew right away what it was and went to my GP for the treatment. 5 weeks exactly it was gone. My Hubby took pictures but they are somewhat blurry. I hope that is the last time and for you also!!

I was surprised to read that it goes around in a band too. I read on different sites that it goes on one side of the body at a time. Mine was on the left side, breast, shoulder and back the first time. The second time it was on my right breast, shoulder, arm and back.

I hope that you got something for the itch also, it can be maddening. The awful pain is bad enough. Hopefully your case clears up quicker and then you can get your infusion. Feel better!

Congrats to you on being featured Sir. Good job!! :)

Hi Rick. Now this was one graphic blog. In response, yesterday I picked up a prescription for a shingles shot for both me and my husband. As soon as the weather allows, we'll use them. Thanks! And please get totally well soon.

I have an outstanding one gets us ready for hurricanes but he is in Florida.

Oh Wow, An excellent post from the past that was brought up by a spam post. The spam post has been removed but we can all still sympathize with what Rick went through almost 8 years ago.

On a personal note I actually experienced the facial shingles he spoke of at a later date. It made me appreciate this topic even more.


Thanks Gary. I can report that since getting the vaccine I have had not had another outbreak. Also since then a new vaccine has arrived. It is far more effective and most insurance companies cover the cost. The minute the new vaccine became available i was in line. I would do anything to avoid this again.


PS: It is always fin to run into comments by Shoosh.

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I never had chicken pox. I got the chicken pox vaccine when I was 30. In 1996

No one can tell me if I can get shingles or not.
My doctor told me to not get the shingles vaccine because it is not indicated in people who have never been infected with chicken pox. This could cause a mild outbreak of chicken pox in some people.

I even had the antibodies tested to be certain.

I’ve spoken to others to tell me to get the vaccine anyway.

I really hope you feel better soon. Maybe you can get some shingles vaccine. Not sure if you can during your current outbreak or not.

Hey Tim, I am fine. I posted that in December 2013. I have been good since then.


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That happens a lot on this site

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Anyone can post on an old topic and bring it up to current. In this case a person wishing to spam the site posted on this topic. LOL, a person wishing to actually sell roofing services. Administrators can delete the spam post but we cannot send the topic back to the past where it belongs, it must fade away.

I mean not to keep a terrific blog post going and just out there so the author will feel like his work lives on and on, but well you know. Just saying !!

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I got the newer shingles just prior to first covid shot. So primary suggested to postpone 2nd shingles until 4 weeks after 2nd covid. No adverse reactions. I think my original shingles was not covered by insurance, but was this time.