Shingles Vaccine & BG

My doctor wants me to have the shingles vaccine. I think it is a good idea as I had chicken pox as a child, & a friend who got shingles says it was excruciating.

My question: any other T1s had it & how did it affect your BG if at all? My last flu & pneumonia vaccines hardly affected me so I am hoping this will be the same.

I had the shingles vaccine last April. I didn’t notice any effect on BG numbers. I did get some swelling/redness at the injection site, but nothing too serious. Even if I’d had BG problems, I would still get the vaccine in hopes that it will protect me from shingles or at least protect me from a severe case.

I’m very pro-vaccine and am not quick to blame BG problems on vaccines. I know that I don’t want to get the flu and I don’t want to get shingles. So give me the vaccine and I’ll hope that it works.

For the record, I am T2 on insulin, not T1. In any event, I did get the shingles vaccine a couple of years ago and did not notice any discernible effect on BG. I also had chicken pox as a youngster and one thing I am sure of is that I do not want shingles if it can be avoided. There are no guarantees, of course -- but the vaccine improves the odds substantially. That's all I need to know.

I have T1, and I got the shingles vaccine a little more than a year ago. I did not notice any effect on my BGs. I know several people who got shingles in their late 40s, and I really want to do all I can to avoid what they went through.

I got it several years ago with no blood glucose problems.

I'm type 1 and had the vaccine last year with no bg problems at all. I would definitely recommend getting it as I imagine having shingles can be very, very painful.

Thanks everyone, I wont worry about BG being affected. I agree Lathump, I'm also very pro-vaccine. Lately I've been up/down with BG so I wanted a heads up.

Good to hear people's experiences. My doctor has suggested the vaccine and I think I will schedule it. Shingles is not only painful, but if you get an outbreak on or near your eye, can lead to vision loss.