Anyone know of the work of Dr. Denis Faustman at Harvard

I was just reading two facinating articles about Type I.
Do you know that there is research going on at Harvard, by Dr. Denis Faustman, which has cured mice of Type 1, and trials going on to cure people.
Google her and take a look at the research.
I hope I was reading this stuff right - it looks very promising.
Also - there is work going on for a "Smart Insulin."
Sound like it turns itself off when you’ve had enough insulin - and just hangs around in your body till you need more.
I would love to read someone elses opinion about this work - especially Dr. Faustman.


My wife and I are big fans of Dr. Faustman and her research. I’m not sure why, but she definitely gets mixed reviews from the Type-I-cure-tracking-bloggers. Perhaps most notably, JDRF is not funding Dr. Faustman’s research. I have yet to hear a satisfying answer as to why not.

You mentioned you read some articles–here are links where you can find two recent interviews with Dr. Faustman that are worth listenting/watching: