Anyone still log without computer?

Just curious if anyone operates their pump without the fancy computer stuff? I used it at first but now I don’t even have it on my new computer and when trying to find it I actually lost the software. I’m the worst in logging and even worse with trying to keep track of it on the computer.

I don’t use the software either. I origionally set up the computer but had so much trouble getting the read to occur so I just gave up. I am fortunate to have the pumping down to a fine science so unless I am sick or stressed everything stays really under control. My endo recently asked for me to do a log as they don’t use the downloads and I have just disregarded the request. My last A1C was under 6 so I am happy with how things are going at this time without writing it all down.
Maybe it’s just me and likely is arrogant but I don’t need one more thing to do that isn’t really necessary in my humble opinion.
I think you do what works for you to keep yourself healthy and your BG under control. Good luck,

I dont log on paper as its so much time for me. I rather download the info and print it off for my dr

Kelly I completely agree that if your A1c is that good that what ever you are doing is great and who cares about details. ha ha ha I wish. Mine is in the 10s and I have just been burnt out. I almost quit pumping all together b/c they kept getting more and more complicated. After getting the Ping I really started enjoying it again b/c you don’t have to add all the whitles and bells and you don’t have to load the food database so I am running it off minimum required and that is how I like it. Thank you for your input.

I’m very efficient with my paper logs and I like looking at them to see patterns. I know the software has a lot of capabilities to show averages and such, but I’ve been at my limit with learning new tech stuff lately (including my first pump) so I haven’t gotten around to utilizing EzManager yet. I don’t have a doctor requesting logs; I just keep them for myself. I’m very used to my paper logs and I write everything down automatically. I agree that whatever works is good. I’m glad you’re comfortable with the Ping, Sandy, I have found it to be very intuitive. Technology should make things easier not harder!

Thanks for all the input. Guess I’m not the only dino out there. :o)))) I went to a new Endo today as we moved from TN to Orlando FL and I really like her. She is starting me on Symlin and i"m a bit nervous. Anyone on it? :slight_smile:

If I didn’t use the computer software to log I wouldn’t log at all. I was horrible at writing stuff down and before appointments would have to sit with my meter and go back through weeks of readings and write them down lol

My endo hates the logs, she cant make sense of them, but Id rather show up with some numbers than nothing

lolol I do the same thing.

I write everything down on my log, including my meals and snacks. My Endo likes to download my pump, but there have been times where the logs have come in handy when she questions what I ate at that meal and if that had any impact on the pp reading. I still like writing it down. If I don’t, then one day I “wake up” and realize I haven’t written anything down for several days and I have to scramble to recreate the days.

I log my blood sugars and foods on paper i have been logging for 35 years! this way one can go back and find a sugar reading if the Dr needs to see a pattern,its easier with paper and pen,so guess im a dino too!

Am I the only one who logs, not for my doctor but myself? I don’t have a doctor requesting my numbers but I write everything down so I can see what works, what doesn’t, when I need to tweak basals or I:C ratios, how my ISF is working, etc. Especially during my first couple months on the pump, I couldn’t have done without all that info? Am I the only one who does this just for myself?

What kind of log do you use? I find the ones you can get are way too small for me and you can’t put notes in and the ones you can are too big.

I did it for probably 8 to 10 yrs and then I just slacked off and never found my way back. I think the pumps with all the memory and coputer stuff have broken me of good habbits. My first pump only had one memory slot for bolus and NOTHING for blood sugars. You had to calculate your stuff out yourself. lol I had a factor figured out for each time of the day for back then you did it for every bread exchange which was 12 carbs at the time and then you also had to wait between bolus and the meal. Without log there is NO way you can figure it all out. I even trended via graph every day. I have lost my way for sure.

for those who log on paper: do you write down every reading or just the ones before and 2 hours after meals?

I test upwards of 8-9 times a day, sometimes more if I’m in the car a lot, and the log books just don’t have space for that many results. but because I test so often, the computerized results are confusing to my health care team (it tries to organize it my meal times and that just doesn’t fit my life).

do you just ignore the in between readings (for logging purposes)?

When I do log and do it 3x within an hr and they are stable I ignore them but if they changed then I log them. I do the same thing. I test often when I don’t feel well and it’s confusing to log,