Anyone switch CGMS "brands"?

Has anyone tried out several brands of CGMS before deciding on which one to get? I have the Minimed, and I have been less than pleased with my experiences with it. It doesn’t “catch” my highs and lows accurately (tells me I’m 90 when I’m 180), and overall, my experience has just been “eh”.

I keep reading rave reviews of the dexcom and navigator…has anyone switched over and had better experiences?

Hi Di,

Check out the Continuous Glucose Monitor Users Group, it has plenty of information.

I have both. The dexcom has to be close to you like 5ft. the readings are accurate
The freestyle navigator can be 10 or more feet from you and still get readings the problem here is it takes 10 hr to become active where the dexcom seven takes 2 hours .
My personal choice is the freestyle you don’t have to sleep with it.

there is a group on this web sight for the freestyle.
Both will give you accurate readings
Good luck

I switched from DexCom to MM because I got peeved at their upgrade policy for the Seven Plus (when they were upgrading people) - charging more to the people who’d already spent the most and been on their system the longest. This also motivated me after years of MDI to try a pump, and I’m loving the results.

When I first got it I was experiencing some serious accuracy and other problems with the MM unit, but it turned out I just had a defective transmitter and they replaced it without complaint.

Even now, while vastly improved, it’s not always as accurate as I would like, esp. on the first and last day of use, but the DexCom was not always all that accurate either, I would experience it being 100 points off at least semi-regularly. (I think it may have been better than the MM but hard to say without comparing numbers - when I first got on the MM unit I knew it was way off, comparatively, but that was before the transmitter replacement, which has vastly improved my results.)

One thing I’ll say - the sensor wire and insertion needle on the DexCom are smaller, so I get more bleeders now, and not having to use tape over the sensor/transmitter on the DexCom is a lot more convenient in the shower. But I wouldn’t go back - Medtronic is much better to deal with vis-a-vis insurance since they’re directly contracted with some insurers, their customer service is outstanding, and I simply do not want to carry multiple devices.

I am awaiting shipment of the Dexcom. I own the MM but due to the size of the site I can’t seem to keep tissue healthy enough to keep a pump site and a CGM site going with it. I’m planning on using the Dexcom and the alternate sites (arms, legs, rear end) it seems to support.

I also didn’t like the inaccuracy of the MM product. I’m hoping for better with Dexcom.

I recently switched from MM to DexCom. I highly recommend DexCom - way more accurate. I actually wrote a blog post about the whole process and my reasons for switching here.

I did a MM trial with my doctor’s office and hated it. Needle/sensor hurt like hell going in and coming out, plus they had to put a giant shower patch over it so it wouldn’t get knocked off or get wet.

I didn’t try the DexCom before I went on it, but I liked the fact that it had tape around all sides, much like my OmniPod. It was a leap of faith, but I love it. It’s pretty darn accurate, imo…it buzzes for lows before I even feel anything.

Yes. I tried the DexCom7, while still wearing the OmniPod. The DexCom frequently lost reception during the night, when I most need it. I’ve been happy with the MiniMed. It sounds as though the Navigator is AMAZINGLY accurate, but it has a 10-hour startup time, is huge, and causes skin reactions in folks with sensitive skin. As you know, our MM is the only CGMS currently integrated with a pump. Hope this helps!

I had this lost reception issue once (coincidentally, my OmniPod had a kink in the cannula and was leaking insulin. I woke up in the middle of the night, threw up, tested, and was at 361). I had my DexCom receiver on the headboard, but after moving it down a few inches, in between my pillow and my husband’s, I haven’t had any lost data at night.

I don’t have any personal experience with the Navigator, but I’ve heard good things about it.

You’re comparing the old Dexcom with your Minimed - that’s not a fair comparison. The new Dexcom 7+ is very accurate - usually withing +/- 10mg/dL compared to finger sticks.